Journalism Minor

Journalism Minors with a TV crew

As journalism, social media, multimedia, and other forms of information communication continue to merge, a journalism minor can position you for success in a wide range of careers.

Essential Skills

You’ll find that many of the skills developed in journalism, such as the ability to gather, summarize, and effectively communicate information, are in demand in many fields.


Journalism isn't just for English majors. From biology to business, political science to physics, R-MC’s broad liberal-arts curriculum lets you pair a journalism minor with any major to create your own unique path to the future.

Learning By Doing

R-MC’s internships program gets you out of the classroom and into real-world settings among working professionals. The journalism internship program has a strong history, with students placed everywhere from local and national television and magazine editorial offices to corporate and non-profit communications departments and advertising agencies.

Experts as Mentors

Journalism faculty include professionals actively working in contemporary media.

College to Career

Journalism is more than news. As a journalism minor, you’ll follow in the footsteps of R-MC graduates now enjoying careers as writers and editors, television news anchors, entrepreneurs, educators, sales managers, and communications and public relations specialists.