The Student Symposium of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity provides our community an annual opportunity to celebrate the remarkable contributions our students make to research and other creative pursuits in a wide range of disciplines.

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The 2024 Symposium is scheduled for May 10, 2024.

How it works

This conference-style afternoon of presentations, poster sessions, performances and exhibits showcases the work of Randolph-Macon College students.

Any current Randolph-Macon College student is encouraged to participate; however, faculty members must register students’ contributions. Any student that wishes to participate, and is not already required to do so, should contact a faculty member or one of the Symposium co-chairs (Amber Peacock and Kate Laws) in order to be added to the program.

Presentations can take any number of forms. Posters and paper presentations are the most common, but faculty members can register performances, exhibits, electronic submissions, and other demonstrations. Past sessions have included dramatic interpretations, fine artwork, musical performances, software demonstrations, and more.

The Student Symposium is open to all members of the RMC community, including students who are not presenting.  Student presenters may also wish to invite their families and friends to attend.

Important Deadlines for 2024

  • April 12: Deadline for faculty to register students 
  • April 26: Deadline for registered students to provide titles (an e-mail request for these will be forthcoming) 
  • April 29: Deadline for requesting the Library to print 3D models (as applicable) 
  • May 6: Deadline for requesting the Library to print posters (as applicable) 
students playing music (sax, piano, guitar, drums) outside a building

Frequently Asked Questions

I am working on more than one research or creative project. can i present more than one?

Yes, you can present more than one project. Faculty will need to register you separately for each project.

What are the guidelines for preparing large-format posters for printing?

Please see: for more information about printing large-format posters.

What formats can be used for my oral presentation? do i have to submit it ahead of time?

You can use whatever format works best for you to present your work. You do need to have it uploaded ahead of time. The deadline for faculty to register your presentation is April 12.  Please be sure your faculty sponsor indicates whether you will need technology as part of your presentation.

I am a faculty member. How do I register my student(s) to present?

Faculty members can register their students to present by completing the brief survey by April 12.