Academic internships offer you the opportunity to earn academic credit while gaining valuable real-world work experience, under the supervision of an invested faculty mentor.

General Information

  • Each academic internship is an RMC course
  • A minimum of 130 hours of intern time is required; 160 hours are recommended
  • Credit given by department (3 hours)
  • Daily reflective journaling of internship activities and learning is required
  • Each department has a designated Academic Department Liaison for internships. Please contact your liaison the semester prior to the semester you intend to intern. Some internships, especially paid, can take as long as six months or more of advance notice to set up.
  • View step-by-step application process for detailed instructions for planning a Bassett Internship.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA of 2.25
  • Minimum hours earned: 48 (Junior Standing)
  • Submit a Bassett internship application through MyMaconWeb by deadline date 
A fall and spring semesters calendar showcasing the Basset Academic Internships dates.

Intern Placement Model

Randolph-Macon’s academic internships are unique, in part, because of the high level of customization to a student’s interests and needs. Faculty members take pride in their connections to their field that help find well-matched opportunities for students.

  • Student will work through the appropriate Academic Department Liaison
  • Academic Department Liaisons interview each student intern to determine each student’s internship objectives.
  • In most cases, the Academic Department Liaison is responsible for recruiting, selecting and vetting appropriate sites to match departmental learning objectives.
  • Students may participate directly in the selection/development of a particular site (i.e. find their own internship), and many departments require that students take most of the responsibility in the case of paid internships, but all placements must be approved by the Academic Department Liaison. Each internship must meet admission and participation requirements and meet the learning objectives of the department and the Bassett Internship Program as a whole.

Paid internships are here!

Paid internships (130 hours+) can receive 1 hour of credit, if approved by department or program director. All 1-hour paid internships satisfy the Experiential requirement ITRN 457, and many may also satisfy Capstone or major requirements. Students must be in good academic standing.

More Information

Ed Showalter, Ph.D.
Director, Bassett Internship Program

Phone: 804.752.3716