Ethics Minor

An ethics class being held outside
An Ethics minor applies one of the oldest fields of human thought to the most current questions from today’s headlines. R-MC students in many different majors choose an Ethics minor to complement and add depth to their studies.


Why choose a liberal arts education? You’ll benefit from a breadth of learning and understanding built across a range of subject areas. The Ethics minor offers you a unique perspective on issues in many fields from medicine to law, business practice to technology.

Scholarly Traditions

Throughout history, great thinkers have sought to understand questions of good and evil, of meaning and value. How should we live our lives? With an Ethics minor you’ll explore the ideas that have shaped human history from past to present.

Contemporary Issues

You’re entering a world where information is more accessible than ever before. As an Ethics minor, you’ll sharpen the analytical skills that let you harness that information for understanding and insight.

Future Perspectives

Many of the most important issues of your future, from advances in science to economic globalization, will demand leaders who can understand the range of complex issues shaping our interconnected world.