Criminology Major

R-MC Students relaxing on the quad

Criminology Major

With a Criminology major, you will explore how the criminal justice system functions. The Criminology major focuses on understanding crime patterns and criminal behavior. Criminology students will study how societies try to prevent and control crime and how we decide to punish offenders.

A Broad-based Inquiry

The challenging curriculum will engage you in a broad, theoretically-informed, sociological inquiry into crime. You’ll learn how to think critically about causes and effects of criminality; and you’ll develop evidence-based conclusions as you examine your own assumptions about crime and criminals and consider how they were formed.

Real-World Training

Courses will include active-learning exercises that challenge your comfort level and help foster understanding of the inequalities that exist in the criminal justice system. Internships, field studies, and community–based learning will enrich your experience as a Criminology major.