Members of the Franklin Debating Society confer during a competition.

No matter where your life takes you, the ability to communicate effectively may be the most valuable skill you can possess. The Communication Studies major at R-MC balances a broad spectrum of practical and theoretical coursework exploring the fascinating complexities of human communication.

Say What You Mean

Every day, we are called upon to negotiate a constantly changing variety of communications, from texting a friend to writing a resume to participating in a classroom conversation. Through coursework exploring everything from the art of oratory to the challenges of inter-cultural communication, the Communication Studies curriculum considers the range of formal and informal strategies by which humans communicate, with special emphasis placed on examining communication in politics and media.

A Major You Can Build On

Long an area of academic focus at R-MC, Communication Studies became a full major in 2010, and new options continue to develop for students. Communication Studies also makes a smart choice for a double major; examining communication in its many contexts, from the interpersonal to the international, can provide a perspective and expertise that effectively complements any major. Looking to hone your own communication skills? The Franklin Debating Society offers invaluable experience in public speaking and reasoned discourse through lively debate competitions.

Faculty Expertise

Full-time faculty members in Communication Studies bring to their classrooms extensive publication, research and expert standing in the field.

Beyond R-MC

Graduate school? First job? Long-term career? For your first steps as well as your long-term future, you'll benefit from Communication Studies. Among recent R-MC graduates you'll find Lena Wallace '14, who works as a news producer in Chesapeake, Virginia, and Kristin Kunz '16, a recruiter for Lab Support.