Inspire and ignite your creativity and artistic vision as a studio art major or minor at Randolph-Macon. The studio arts curriculum begins with a focus on the foundations of studio practice, then incorporates instruction in a range of media and disciplines including painting, printmaking, and drawing. Cultivate your ingenuity, discipline, patience and mastery while fine tuning your powers of observation and contemplation alongside artist-instructors. Develop a solid foundation as an artist and the investigative mindset necessary for making critical decisions as a creative individual. 

Studio Art
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In and Beyond the Classroom

Flippo Gallery at Pace-Armistead Hall at RMC

FAcilities and location

Studio art students’ campus home is the historic Pace-Armistead Hall. The light-filled spaces have provided creative inspiration to generations of Yellow Jackets artists, and displayed the works of student and professional artists from across the region. Randolph-Macon’s ideal location, just 22 miles from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and close to the world-class museums in Washington, D.C., support ample opportunities for studio art learning away from campus as well.

hands-on learning

Studio art is hands-on at every turn. As part of all studio classes, you work side-by-side with faculty who are artists themselves. This learning process is essential to your development as an observational artist, and is applied in a variety of contexts and media including drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking. And the hands-on learning doesn’t stop at making art. Project and Design Management (342) students apply learned project management principles and industrial design concepts to the construction of 2D and 3D models while adapting to specifications, budgets, and product quality constraints. The semester-long project culminates in a finished piece to add to your individual portfolio, equipping you with valuable skills and the practical experience necessary for future career and graduate school opportunities. 

connected curriculum

A major in studio art is specifically designed to help you explore art – deeply – within the contexts in which its created. Majors may work with the program faculty to craft an individualized set of course requirements that connect to and enhance your senior project. For example, a project on Eastern art might mean major courses in Asian Studies or religion. You are the creator – of your art, and of your academic journey!

advising and mentorship

Randolph-Macon studio art faculty foster a truly supportive learning environment where individual creativity thrives and where you receive lots of one-on-one attention as part of a culture of caring in a vibrant and exciting arts community. 

  • 1876
    the year Pace-Armistead Hall, that houses Flippo Gallery, was built at RMC
  • 7
    main elements of art are line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color
  • 64,000
    years is the age of the oldest known cave paintings in the world
Student sculpture artwork

Studio Art
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Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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STAR 251

Human Figure

Study the human form by drawing from the living model and investigating historical examples of figurative art. 

STAR 250

Artistic Problems: A Search for Solutions (STAR 250)

Examine the creative processes involved in solving conceptual problems confronted by artists.

STAR 247

Plein Air Painting

Learn the discipline of open-air painting and explore the painter’s process for the direct observation of the landscape. 

From Here To What you can do with a Studio Art degree from RMC.

Mitchell Johnson ’86


“I don’t know how many colleges offer such flexibility, such opportunity to move easily between disciplines, but RMC sure gave me what I needed to find my way. I eventually went to Parsons for an MFA in Painting in 1988-1990 and became a full-time artist.”

Lauren Cox Sweeney ’10

Founder and CEO
Dotted Line Agency

Charlene Leung ’11

Rimkus, Forensic Consultation Firm

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