Randolph-Macon College students can cross-enroll in courses offered by the Department of Military Science at the nearby University of Richmond. The Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC) Spider Battalion trains college students to become the next generation of Army officers. Active duty service can lead to a rewarding career in the service of the nation. ROTC cadets may also commission into the National Guard or Army Reserve while pursuing full-time civilian careers. 

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Group of ROTC cadets stading with governor Youngkin

About the program

  • RMC students may try the ROTC program at the University of Richmond for the first two years without making any commitment.
  • Randolph-Macon students are eligible for ROTC scholarships. Students enrolled in the program are responsible for paying the appropriate fees to the University of Richmond.
  • Contracted cadets receive a monthly stipend of $300-$500 during the academic year and work toward commissioning as Second Lieutenants in the Army. Additional financial incentives may also be available. 
  • ROTC cadets are paired with other cadets and cadre members who support them throughout their time in the program and advise them on Army assignments and career opportunities after the Army. 
  • University of Richmond ROTC cadets are highly competitive in receiving their first choice for Army branch assignments after graduation, as well as educational delays for qualified students who wish to attend law school, medical school or another graduate program prior to fulfilling their military service commitment.
  • Randolph-Macon will award three semester hours for the successful completion of military science 101-102 and 201-202 with grades of C or better and three semester hours for successful completion of military science 301-302 and 303-304 with grades of C or better. The military science courses will be treated as courses accepted in transfer. 

For more information, please contact the recruiting officer at the University of Richmond ROTC website or by phone at 804.287.6066.

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