Interested in leading a team, contributing to an organization, or being your own boss?  A concentration in management, as part of an RMC business major, prepares students for a range of dynamic careers in general management, small business and entrepreneurship, or further study in business. All RMC business majors choose a track as part of earning their degree, and the management track is well-suited for a range of general business pathways. You’ll learn the essential skills for successfully managing resources, organizational behavior, strategic planning and other important tools for creating and maintaining thriving businesses. The track in management requires three courses in this area and one business elective, in addition to the core business curriculum. 

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Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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BUSN 313

Organizational Behavior

Apply psychological and organizational theories, models, and research to analyzing, understanding, predicting, and guiding individual, group, and organizational behavior. Study the organization as a social phenomenon and analyze group dynamics, communication, conflict and negotiation, motivation, leadership, and organizational culture. 

BUSN 343

Operations Management

Examine the role of a production manager responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling the resource conversion system of a firm. Use mathematical models to determine factory layouts, job designs, and production schedules as well as to monitor inventory and production quality requirements. 

BUSN 425

Strategic Management

Develop an understanding of how the concepts embodied in economics, marketing, finance, management theory, and the behavioral and social sciences can be incorporated into real world situations within an organization. Practice strategic planning and organizational policy-making functions. 

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