Banking, markets, and the role of money in business come into focus with a concentration in finance, as part of an RMC business major. All business majors choose a track as part of their studies. The finance concentration prepares you for influential careers in financial analysis, reporting, and markets or further study in financial theories. Learn the ins and outs of banking and master the data methods used by financial analysts to identify opportunities and evaluate outcomes for making important business decisions and determining investment recommendations. In addition to the core business curriculum, three courses in finance, plus an elective in business, are required for the concentration. 

Finance in full Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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BUSN 337

Intermediate Financial Management

Study financial decision-making involving capital structure and long-term financing, capital budgeting, and dividend policy of the corporation. 

ECON 361

Money and Banking

Examine the critical role played by central banks, commercial banks and other financial institutions. Study institutional description, model building and monetary theory and policy. Analyze financial instruments and markets, present value, risk, diversification, bank management and financial system regulation.

ECON 312


Apply statistical techniques to economics data. Analyze datasets and learn regression analysis and hypothesis testing including Ordinary Least Squares. 

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