At RMC, you will master the skills to solve real-world problems and be ready for a career in civil, mechanical, aeronautical, or biomedical engineering. Our engineering major covers the fundamentals of engineering mechanics through hands-on, project-based design in a small classroom setting. Work collaboratively with classmates and receive personalized attention from faculty. The result? Engineers who are leaders, communicators, and scientists too – ready to thrive in any part of the field. The program is designed for ABET accreditation after the first class of graduates in 2023.  

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In and Beyond the Classroom

Student works on engineering project

Hands-on Research

Through the Schapiro Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), engineering majors can work directly with a faculty mentor to start solving the world’s problems today. Mary O’Sullivan ’23’s recent research sought to improve desalination systems. She presented her project at the Women in Physical Sciences Conference at the University of Nebraska in October 2021.

High-Impact Internships

Students who study engineering learn best in the field. Recent internships for majors in engineering and engineering physics include: 

  • NASA – Wallops Island Flight Facility (Rocket Launch)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Currency Technology Office
  • Stantec (Civil Engineering)
  • Afton Chemical
  • Naval Research Lab
The inside of a warehouse with people in hardhats assebling a rocket
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advising and mentorship

Engineering majors at RMC enjoy a flexible program that was built to allow time for extracurricular activities including D3 athletics. Faculty work closely with coaches to ensure you’re set up to thrive on and off the field as a student-athlete. Faculty also work closely with students to prepare them for graduate school, a common next step for engineering majors. 

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    of just a few small, liberal arts colleges to offer an engineering degree
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    wind tunnel is one of the many cool tools used in our labs
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    the year RMC launched the engineering degree program

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Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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EPHY 250

Engineering Mechanics: Statics

Learn the rigid-body mechanics for objects at rest or moving at constant velocity. Using a problem-solving approach, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of theories involving equilibrium, frame and truss analysis, friction, centroid and moments of inertia.

ENGR 280

CAE Design 

Learn solid modeling and virtual prototyping; and develop visual thinking and communication skills with the assistance of computer modeling tools. Through hands-on virtual or physical projects, you’ll learn about creative design, the engineering design process, ethical design and the application of physical laws.

ENGR 331

Mechanical Systems Design

Study the principles of applied mechanics and the materials employed to design machine elements and mechanical systems. Apply state of stress, deformation and failure criterion to bearings, brakes, clutches, belt drives, gears, chains, springs and gear.

Opportunities Worth Grabbing

Popular activities and programs among engineering majors
Two engineering students working on project in class

Society of Physics

The premier club for students in Physics and related fields, liaising with the member societies of the American Institute of Physics

Sigma Pi Sigma

The Physics Honor Society

Macon Women Engineers

Student-run club, celebrating female engineers

From Here To What you can do with an Engineering or Engineering Physics degree from RMC.

Our first class of engineering majors graduated in 2023.
Emma Tiernan '19

Emma Tiernan ’19

Doctoral Candidate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Virginia

“Attending Randolph-Macon was by far one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my career. RMC’s liberal arts curriculum allowed me to explore all of my interests, not just those associated with my majors. I was able to take a break from the equations and laws within the sciences and explore the religious texts of Buddhism and Hinduism, debate issues experienced by the people of ancient Athens, and even carve my own drawings into linoleum for printmaking. The small class sizes at RMC gave me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my professors. RMC also provided many opportunities for me outside of the classroom. I was able to gain meaningful research knowledge by participating in SURF and perfected my interview skills during The Edge’s Career Boot Camp. Randolph-Macon as a whole set me up for success in graduate school and in the real world after graduation.”

Jacob Hickman ’18

Project Manager
NASA Wallops Test Facility 

Harley Marrocco ’15

Naval Surface Warfare Center – Dahlgren Division

Haylie Moore ’19

Product Development Engineer
ICU Medical

Erin Lee ’22

Master’s Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Virginia Tech

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