When you’re struggling with the course material, the help of a fellow student can be a game changer. This focused time with a peer who’s mastered the assignment is available free, and in nearly every subject area taught at RMC.

Subject Tutoring

who are the tutors?

Our tutors are trained, faculty-recommended students, who offer assistance in most subject areas, and are available during specified drop-in-hours or by appointment.

All tutors receive training in current tutoring strategies, metacognition, and learning styles. Tutors achieve international certification from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) by completing their training. A conduct policy governs appropriate behavior for both tutor and tutee.

“Whatever help you need – whether it’s a course concept, getting your academic life organized, or preparing for an exam – the Subject Tutors and Peer Academic Coaching staff offer expert coaching and advice. We offer unlimited services, so visit our tutors as often as you need.”

Morgan Merkel, M.Ed.

tutoring hours

Our tutors are here to help you! Please book your appointment using our online scheduler. We are able to offer in-person or virtual tutoring. If you have a preference for how you meet, please coordinate that with your tutor.

How did we do?

We love receiving feedback – good or bad! Did you like your tutoring session? Was it helpful? We would love to hear from you to know how we can improve our services and offerings.

Peer Academic Coaching (PAC)

Peer Academic Coaches (PAC) are available FREE to any RMC upperclassman who requests one. Like the Captains (who support first-year students in a similar way), PAC are individually tailored, one-on-one coaches whose sole purpose is to help students improve their habits and establish an academic success plan. PACs are trained, nationally certified by the College Reading and Learing Association (CRLA) and are bound by strict confidentiality guidelines.

Reasons you might benefit from a peer academic coach:

  • You would like to improve your method of work and are interested in tips from a peer.
  • You would like the accountability working with a peer provides.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and would like time and energy management tips.
  • You are having trouble studying or achieving your academic goals.
  • You are interested in suggestions for how to approach your academic work more efficiently.

Nominate a Tutor!

If you are interested in tutoring, ask a professor in your subject area to nominate you! To nominate a tutor, email Morgan Merkel.

Meet the Team Subject Tutoring and Learning Support

Morgan Merkel Headshot

Morgan Merkel

Associate Director of the HAC

Jill Grant Headshot

Jill Grant

Associate Dean for Student Support