the ombuds

The Ombuds are advisors, conflict resolution facilitators, and advocates available to all members of the college community on an informal, confidential basis.

They are appointed by the President to three-year terms, which are renewable. Persons who believe or suspect they are victims of discrimination, harassment, or any other behavior that prevents them from participating as full members of the college community may contact an Ombuds to consider the options for response.


An Ombuds’ duties in such cases may include, but is not limited to listening and providing an impartial sounding board, suggesting strategies for the individual or group to adopt, meeting informally with the complainant and the accused (individual or group representative) with the object of bringing about resolution, meeting privately with the object of complaint and acting as go-between, or advising the alleged victim to file a formal complaint.

An Ombuds will keep confidential records of all meetings and consult with the other Ombuds when appropriate. All records and communications are confidential except in cases of sexual misconduct against students.

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