Campus Map

Map of Randolph-Macon College
  1. Sigma Phi Epsilon
  2. 103 College Avenue
  3. Physical Plant Complex
  4. Phi Delta Theta House
  5. Sigma Alpha Epsilon House
  6. Home of Theta Chi
  7. Alpha Gamma Delta House
  8. St. Ann's Building
  9. Marketing & Communications (Welcome Center)
  10. Kappa Alpha Theta House
  11. Honor's House
  12. President's House
  13. Dalton House (303 Caroline Street)
  14. Education Department (Mabry House)
  15. Campus Safety Building
  16. Blackwell Auditorium & Cobb Theatre
  17. Ragland-Henry House
  18. Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church
  19. Admissions, Financial Aid/The Edge Career Center/Brock Residence Hall (Thomas Branch Building)
  20. Administration Building (Peele Hall)
  21. Old Chapel
  22. Washington and Franklin Hall
  23. Jordan Wheat Lambert Historic Campus
  24. Moreland Residence Hall
  25. Pace-Armistead Hall
  26. Sociology and Religious Studies Departments (206 N. Center Street)
  27. 110 Henry Clay Road
  28. Tennis Court Restrooms
  29. Banks Tennis Center
  30. Advancement/ Development/Alumni (Rhodeen House)
  1. Lambert Hall
  2. Conrad Residence Hall
  3. Mary Branch Residence Hall
  4. Brock Commons
    34A: Frank E. Brown Fountain Plaza
  5. Estes Dining Hall
  6. McGraw-Page Library
    36A: John B. Werner Pavilion
    36B: James T. Butler Pavilion
  7. Fox Hall
  8. Copley Science Center (shown with future construction)
  9. Guest House (Macon House)
  10. Keeble Observatory
  11. Haley Hall
  12. Birdsong Townhouse
  13. Clements Townhouse
  14. 202 E. Patrick Street
  15. Higgins Academic Center and Communication Studies Department (Neville House)
  16. Counseling Center (Pannill House)
  17. Delta Zeta House
  18. Flippo Townhouse
  19. Cochrane Townhouse
  20. Student Apartments
  21. Student Apartments
  22. Starr Residence Hall
  23. Irby Residence Hall
  24. Jones Residence Hall
  25. Olin Residence Hall
  26. Smith Residence Hall
  27. Garland Residence Hall
  28. Bennett Residence Hall
  29. Practice Field
  30. Hugh F. Stephens Field at Estes Park
  31. Andrews Hall
  32. Birdsong Hall
  1. Day Football / Lacrosse Field
  2. Athletic Annex
  3. Crenshaw and Alumni Gyms
  4. Brock Sports and Recreation Center
  5. Business/ Treasurer's Office
  6. Special Interest Housing
  7. Faculty Housing - 5 Houses
  8. Soccer / Lacrosse / Hockey Field
  9. Soccer / Lacrosse Field (Nunnally Field)
  10. Special Interest Housing
  11. Phi Kappa Sigma House
  12. Athletic Utility / Restrooms
  13. Softball Field
  14. Faculty Housing
  15. Faculty Housing
  16. Information Technology Services (ITS)

Parking (V - Visitor Parking)

A. Tennis Court Parking Lot (V)
B. Physical Plant Parking Lot (V)
C. Welcome Center Parking Lot (V)
D. Old Chapel Parking Lot - Admissions Visitor Parking Lot (V)
E. Blackwell Auditorium Parking Lot (V)
F. Day Field Parking Lot (V)
G. Jones Parking Lot
H. Bennett Parking Lot
I. Andrews Parking Lot
J. North Brock Parking Lot (V)
K. 500 N. Center Street parking Lot (V)
L. Athletic Fields Parking Lot
M. Temporary Parking Lot
N. Conrad Parking Lot
O. ITS Parking Lot
P. South Brock Parking Lot (V)

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