Resume vs. CV

A Resume and a CV (Curriculum Vitae, which means course of life in Latin) are different documents, and it is important to know the differences and when to utilize each format
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Length: The ideal resume is one page, it should be consistent and concise

Goal/Purpose: Make the applicant stand out from the competition and receive an interview offer

Layout/Format: The resume should be customized to each position

Utilization: The resume is used for most positions in the United States with the exception of academic or research positions


CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Length: A CV can be 2 pages or much more, depending on the career of the applicant

Goal/Purpose: Provide an overview of the full working career

Layout/Format: Reverse chronological order providing a full picture of the entire working career, including education, publications, awards, honors, and so on

Utilization: The CV is used for academic and research positions in the United States and for applying to positions abroad