resume workshop

A successful job search includes a professional looking resume. The samples here will assist you in creating a high-quality document that will be an integral component of your job search activities.

Action verbs are essential to effectively articulate your experience to employers. Use the list as a resource to generate bullet points that convey your experience in a powerful and meaningful way. Make sure to vary the verbs you use to demonstrate your versatility and communication skills.

Cover letters often accompany and complement a resume. A well-written cover letter speaks to the skills you have to offer the employer for the job in question. Therefore, cover letters need to be targeted and tailored for each job you apply to.


Professional references are individuals that can attest to the quality of your work, your skills, and your experience. Individuals that are appropriate to serve as references include professors, advisors, college administrators, and former or current supervisors. Before listing someone as a reference, ask permission to do so. A typical reference page will include anywhere between three and five references. While it is a separate document from your resume, the formatting (i.e., font, font size, page margins, etc) should be consistent with your resume.