Process: Step-by-Step Instructions

Bassett Internships Process: Step-by-Step Instructions

If you're considering an academic internship, follow these steps:

1) Meet with your academic advisor.

This is an essential step so that you may explore the timing and "fit" for an internship. Some internships may take as long as six months to secure. It's never too early to start the conversation about internships!

2) Determine your status.

  • Do you currently have at least a 2.25 overall grade point average?
  • Will you have at least 48 semester hours completed by the end of this current semester?

If you answered "yes" to both questions, you are currently eligible to apply for an academic internship.

3) Schedule an appointment with the appropriate academic-department faculty liaison.

These faculty members can suggest options for possible internships or direct you to other faculty who can help.

4) Prepare for your meeting with your academic department faculty liaison.
Bring an updated copy of your resume with you to the meeting. If you do not have one, contact The Edge Career Center for assistance.

5) Register for the internship course.

Make sure you register for the internship. Depending on your department, you may need to ask for permission from the academic-department faculty liaison to enroll in the course.

6) Work with your academic-department faculty liaison to secure your internship placement.

If you have an internship site in mind, discuss it with your department liaison to ensure it meets Bassett requirements. Otherwise, work with your liaison to identify your interests so they can help you secure a site that is in line with your career goals.

7) Complete the Internship Application through MyMaconWeb.

Once you have secured your internship placement site and registered for the course, log onto MyMaconWeb and navigate to your dashboard. Under "Other Forms" you will see the Bassett Internship Application. The application deadlines can be found here.

NOTE: If you are not registered for the course (see step #5 above), the Bassett Application Form will not appear on MyMaconWeb until you do register.

8) Sit back and wait.

Once all individuals have signed off on your form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that your form has been approved. 

9) Get all your questions answered.

If you encounter problems or have questions not answered by the department liaison or your faculty supervisor, please feel free to contact Dr. George Spagna,, Director of the Bassett Internship Program.

George Spagna

Advice from Dr. Spagna

"See The Edge to work on your resume, and see your departmental Bassett Internship liaison as soon as possible to begin exploring opportunities."

- Dr. Spagna