Graduate/Professional School Resources

Develop your graduate/professional school plan


Students Working on Introductory Physics Lab with Tripod Devices

First Semesters

Get good grades

  • Average GPAs for students accepted into programs are typically at least 3.2 and above

Take courses in field of interest

Find out what the prerequisites for admission are into programs and take those courses early

Review the

Graduate School Roadmap

Law School Roadmap

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Sophomore Semesters

Research program options and make sure you are meeting the requirements

Determine which admissions test you need to take and how to start preparing for it

Develop relationships with faculty and supervisors to ensure that they can write you a strong letter of recommendation

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Junior Semesters

Continue to prepare for admissions test and take them in spring or summer

Tips for Writing a Graduate School Personal Statement. The statement describes, utilizing concrete examples, why you want to go to graduate/professional school

Request letters of recommendation (give at least 3 weeks notice to reference)

Submit applications, ideally by the end of the summer

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Senior Semesters

Follow up with programs, highlight major accomplishments (e.g., semester grades, research project, volunteer hours)

Travel to programs, meet with admissions and other staff and faculty at the program

Interview at programs (Make sure to practice interviewing with the EDGE)

Choose the program that is the best fit for you