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The Edge Center for Entrepreneurship is about building an innovative mindset and finding creative solutions to solve problems. It is about taking a calculated risk and possessing the right skills to develop, organize and launch a new venture and to be more marketable in your career.

At Randolph-Macon, our dedicated team of alumni, faculty, business leaders and successful entrepreneurs work with The Edge Center for Entrepreneurship to offer you a wealth of support, guidance and opportunities you’ll need to succeed. Count on it!

What makes R-MC’s Entrepreneurship program unique? Here are just a few of the many benefits:

Share Knowledge

Entrepreneur lead seminars on various topics:

From idea to implementation

How to build a business plan

Design Thinking 101

Funding your venture

Entrepreneurship for good

Panel discussions with a variety of entrepreneurs sharing their start-up experiences and resources

Create Connections

Network - interact with start-up experts on and off campus.

Mentor - students are matched with an entrepreneur who can help refine innovative ideas and provide insights and guidance.

Connect – to events happening in the larger start-up community in the region and at other colleges, businesses and organizations. 

Provide Experiences

"Shark Tank" style 2-day immersion experience focused on the full life-cycle of the start up experience from idea generation to product pitch

Pop-Up Pitches to peers and mentors

Internships at start-up companies

Job placement at innovative businesses

Get Started Right Now.

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