The Edge Alumni Networking Event

R-MC students successfully network

"After my summer internship at Mead Westvaco (now WestRock), I was offered another position to work part-time during the fall, which led to yet another part-time position the following spring. I was recently offered a full-time internship at WestRock for summer 2016."

Kristin Sheetz '16

"R-MC has given me many connections and opportunities that I am immensely grateful for. I met with alumni who are health professionals; received assistance with the MCAT; and built a network that I can count on for both my personal and my professional life.

Rian Kabir '16

What is Networking?

The deliberate process of exchanging information, resources, support and access in such a way as to create mutually beneficial relationships for personal and professional success

Why is Networking Important?

Networking is the #1 way to find a job
Over 60% of job opportunities are obtained through networking

R-MC Class of 1971 networking event