New Students

Financial Aid To-Do List


1. REQUIRED: *Accept* or *Decline* Federal Direct Student Loans

You must Accept or Decline your Federal Direct Student Loans. No Financial Aid will be reflected on your Student Account until this step is completed.

To Accept (complete 2 forms online)


To Decline/Reduce (print form)


2. REQUIRED Virginia Residents Only: Apply $3300 Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (print form)


3. Monthly Payment Plan Option - OPTIONAL (enroll by May 25 for 10-month plan)

  • Cash Net Select New Users and Randolph-Macon College in the School Name drop-down box for details on the payment plan program.


4. Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan Application - OPTIONAL (complete 2 forms online, consider "Maximum Amount Allowed" option)

5.Private Loan Options - OPTIONAL (submit applications directly to lender)

6. Required: Read Financial Aid Consumer Information Booklet