Direct Parent Loan (PLUS Loan)

Direct PLUS

PLUS Loan are available to all Parents who complete a FAFSA. The PLUS requires a PLUS Application and a signed Master Promissory Note (for new PLUS borrowers only). The Master Promissory Note (eMPN) serves as your promise to pay your loan back to the Department of Education. Returning Borrowers are not required to sign a new MPN, but are required to complete a new application each year.

  • You will need to login to request the PLUS and sign the eMPN (for new borrowers). This requires the parent's social security number, name, birthdate and FSA ID. You must be in Internet Explorer to set up the FSA ID but once you have the FSA ID you may use any internet browser to access your account. 

  • Once signed in, please click on "Request PLUS Loan" on left hand side of screen.

  • To apply for the PLUS, please visit

  • If you do not have a FSA ID, you can request one at

The Office of Financial Aid will be notified electronically once the PLUS application has been completed.