Federal Pell Grant

This program provides grant assistance to needy students attending college. The awards usually range from $400 to $5,920 annually. Pell Grants do not have to be repaid, provided that the student is enrolled in a degree program and maintains satisfactory progress.

SEOG - Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

This is a campus-based program that provides grant assistance to needy, Pell grant eligible, students at the discretion of the college. The awards range from $600 to $1,000 annually. SEOG Grants do not have to be repaid.

Federal TEACH Grant Program

The Federal TEACH Grant Program provides up to $4000 a year to students who agree to serve for at least four years as a full time teacher in a high-need field in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families. A TEACH Grant recipient who does not complete the required teaching within a specified time frame, or fails to meet certain other requirements will be required to repay the TEACH Grant as a Direct Unsubsidized Loan under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

If you have decided that you wish to participate in the TEACH Grant Program, it will be necessary for you to sign the Agreement to Serve AND complete the Teach Grant counseling session.

TAG - Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant 

This benefit is available to Virginia residents who are attending private colleges in Virginia. It is a state effort to compensate for the difference between public and private school tuition costs. Eligible students received $3,300 for 2017-2018. All state residents who are seeking financial aid are expected to apply for TAG aid. The application deadline is July 31 of the award year. Applications received after July 31 are not guaranteed funding. Continuing students receiving TAG (who have had no break in enrollment) do not have to reapply annually. Currently enrolled Virginia residents who are not receiving TAG must submit the TAG application by July 31 of the award year. The VA TAG Grant 2018-2019 Application is now available in our forms bank.

Virginia Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program

This benefit may be available to students that have received an Associate's degree at a Virginia two-year public institution with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and federally calculated EFC of 12,000 or less. Students are responsible for notifying the financial aid office that they may be eligible for this award. The two-year college will notify potentially eligible students via email as the student nears completion of their Associate's Degree. Complete instructions will be included in the email but all potential students must apply for financial aid by submitting a FAFSA, notify the financial aid office and submit a final academic transcript as soon as their Associate's degree is posted. The financial aid office will verify eligibility after the Census date. Financial eligibility will not be established until well after the semester is in session. Funding for award is made directly to R-MC on the behalf of the student. The maximum annual standard award is $1,000. There is an additional $1,000 for students enrolled in a degree program in: science, teaching, engineering, mathematics, or nursing. Continued eligibility based on college GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and continued financial need (maximum EFC of 12,000). Two-Year College Transfer Grant Info Sheet & Grant Application 2017-2018 gives more details.

Randolph-Macon College Grants

These non-repayable grant awards, which supplement federal and state aid for needy students, are made on an annual basis, amount awarded depends upon level of financial need. Satisfactory academic progress and continued evidence of need are required for renewal.

Family Grant Program *

New recipients of the Family Grant may receive a up to $1500 per year as long as two or more siblings are concurrently enrolled full-time.To be eligible, students must be accepted for admission, and it is required you submit the Entitlement Eligibility Form found in our Forms Bank to the Financial Aid Office.

Pre-Ministerial Grants *

Students who are preparing for full-time church-related vocations in churches or denominations approved by the college after graduation are eligible to receive grants equal to one-half of tuition. Each student must furnish recommendations from the appropriate pastor, local church, charge conference, or ecclesiastical authority. Each student must also sign a note promising to repay the award if the student does not enter a church-related vocation. Recipients may also qualify for other types of aid based on demonstrated need. Students may not combine this award with the A. Purnell Bailey Pre-Ministerial Scholarship or a R-MC Academic Scholarship.

Ministers' Family Grants *

Dependents of ministers serving the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church will receive grants equal to one-third of tuition. Recipients may also qualify for other types of aid based on demonstrated need.

R-MC Alumni Legacy Grants*

Alumni Legacy Grants in the amount of $1,500 are offered to entering students with the following legacy connection to the college: father or mother, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, or grandfather or grandmother who previously attended the college. To be eligible, students must demonstrate the legacy connection, be accepted for admission, and it is required you submit the Entitlement Eligibility Form found in our Forms Bank to the Financial Aid Office.

Yellow Ribbon Program*

Randolph-Macon College is among the colleges and universities participating in the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program, a provision of the Post 9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2008.

The Yellow Ribbon Program allows degree-granting institutions to enter into a voluntary annual agreement with the Veterans Administration (VA) to fund tuition and mandatory fee expenses. The institution can contribute up to 50% of those expenses, and VA will match the same amount as the institution.

Randolph-Macon will offer up to $5,000 per year in grant aid which will be matched by the the Department of Veterans Affairs to those eligible at the 100% VA benefit level. We are expected to offer up to 60 new and renewal awards for the 2018-2019 academic year on a first come, first served basis. 

Eligible students must provide the Financial Aid Office with a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility from the Veterans Administration.

Note: Please be aware that the maximum total of all Randolph-Macon non-need based awards, (i.e., presidential scholarships, legacy grants, family grants, minister's family grants and pre-ministerial grants plus the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG) may not exceed tuition.

* These grants require that you submit the Entitlement Eligibility Form located in our Form Bank.