Reynolds Community College Guaranteed Admissions Agreement

Our new Reynolds Guaranteed Admissions Agreement offers clear pathways from Reynolds to R-MC. The Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) is for students who complete one of the following transfer-oriented associate degrees: 

Liberal Arts Associates of Arts

Liberal Arts Teacher Prep Associates of Arts

Social Science Associates of Science

Social Science Teacher Prep Associates of Science

We encourage anyone pursuing this track to review the Reynolds Community College GAA (PDF) for complete details. 

Three Things We Promise

  1. Guaranteed merit-based transfer scholarships, starting at $15,500 and a commitment to affordability.    
  2. A streamlined admission process that only requires – your official college transcript(s) and an application through our R-MC application or the Common Application. (Did we mention it’s free to apply?)
  3. Our offer of admission means we believe in you and your ability to pursue any of our majors, minors and/or pre-professional programs

Three Things You Should Know

  1. Reynolds GAA students must earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher at Reynolds Community College. If the student has completed college work at another institution(s), their cumulative college GPA must not be less than a 3.0.
  2. Students are encouraged to use the R-MC/Reynolds GAA Transfer Guide (PDF) when selecting Reynolds courses.  This document includes a list of recommended courses and outlines for each Associates of Arts and Associates of Science program in the Reynolds GAA (pay close attention on how to maximize approved electives). The R-MC Transfer Admissions Counselor can also provide advice on course selection at any point in your Reynolds career. 
  3. Reynolds GAA students must complete a transfer application (R-MC Application or Common Application) and submit all official college transcripts by May 1 (for Fall term admission) or December 1 (for Spring term admission).

If you do not meet the criteria for the Reynolds GAA you can still be considered for admission through one of our other transfer pathways