SAT Redesign Information

2016 SAT Redesign Information

R-MC is dedicated to keeping our admissions process transparent and accurate. Below is information about the redesign of the SAT, as well as some frequently asked questions about the new test. As always, should you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact our office. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 800.888.1762. You can also contact your counselor directly with any questions you might have.

What's new about the test?

In general, the redesigned test now has two required 800-point sections, Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. An optional essay section will be offered but will not factor in to the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section. There are also some changes to scoring and content - we recommend all families view the College Board's website to better understand the details.

What about my scores?

Applicants for 2017 or beyond should take the new test and submit scores from it; however, individuals can submit scores from the pre-2016 version if they've taken it.

Keep in mind, the redesigned SAT is a new test – as such, the scores we receive from our applicant pool may differ from our past averages. That said, Randolph-Macon is committed to reviewing you application honestly and will use your best scores across tests to ensure absolute fairness in application processing. We will use the extensive information provided by the College Board on “concordance” (how scores from one version translate into the other one) to ensure that neither score is advantaged or disadvantaged.

To get an idea how your old scores will look compared to the new ones and vice versa, check out the score converter tool from the College Board.

Will R-MC require the optional essay section on the new SAT?

No, R-MC will not require the optional essay section. However, should you submit your SAT with the essay section, we will use that score in your overall applicant portfolio. Keep in mind, each school makes their own determination as to whether they will require the essay or not. Be sure to check with each institution you’re interested in to verify their policy!

I've taken the previous SAT and plan to take the redesigned test. Which should I send?

Again, students may, indeed, take both the pre-March 2016 SAT and the redesigned SAT. We recommend, in any situation, that you send all scores you have. R-MC will only use your highest scores, no matter if it is on the redesigned test or the previous test. However, while R-MC does "superscore" the SAT (and ACT), we will not superscore the previous SAT with the redesigned SAT. Instead, if you submit multiple scores on each iteration of the test, we will superscore these separately and choose your highest possible score from among the two possible superscores.

How should I prepare for the new test?

The College Board is now offering free test prep services through The Khan Academy. This is a great opportunity to prepare for the test! You can read more about their partnership here.

Finally, make sure you contact each school you are considering to find out how they plan to adapt to the redesigned SAT. Keep in mind that unofficial websites and resources may not have the most accurate information or may be slow to update. We encourage you to check the College Board's website for the latest updates.

Randolph-Macon is committed to being an outstanding resource for you, and we will communicate with your college counselors in an effort to keep information clear and accurate.