Tips for Residential Living

Roommate issues are a common and frequent occurrence.

Some situations may begin with communication problems that can be solved sitting down and talking to one another. Some issues may need to involve your RA, a member of the Office of Residence Life Staff, or another outside resource. Below are some ideas and suggestions that may help open the lines of communication between roommates. Each student should take time to answers the questions in Step 1. Then they should come together to discuss the questions in Step 2.

Step 1. Individually, the students should determine the answers to the following:

  • In your opinion what are the issues between you and your roommate?
  • Using adjectives, identify how you think and feel about the issue. For example you may use words such as: annoyed, confused, uncomfortable, depressed, and frustrated etc.
  • What could you do to improve the situation and resolve the issues?

Step 2. Together the students should review what they have written above and answer the following:

  • What are the issues?
  • Explain how the issues are impacting you. Use answer from above (I’ve felt . . . because. . .”)
  • What could both of you do to improve the situation or resolve the issues?
  • What is a future plan so this situation or issues will not reoccur?

If you feel like the issues were not resolved with the help of this form, please contact your RA for future assistance. Bring this guide for more assistance.