Residence Life Policies

Randolph-Macon College residence hall policies are guidelines for group living and are essential in forming a positive community. In order to enjoy a positive educational environment, it will be necessary to follow policies and procedures for health and safety, to learn how to care for facilities, to obey all state and federal laws, and to live together peacefully with other residents.

The mission of the Office of Residence Life is to provide services that will contribute to the student's physical well being, as well as enhance his or her intellectual, emotional, cultural, and social development.

Residents are asked to cooperate with staff and other residents at all times. A failure to cooperate may result in housing probation and/or contract termination. Students will be expected to become familiar with and responsibly follow all published procedures, policies, rules and regulations, including those which are explained in these guidelines. Residents will respect the rights of other residents, and each resident is responsible and held accountable for his or her behavior, as well as for the behavior of their guest(s). Policies and procedures in all residence halls will be consistently and strictly enforce by College officials at all times. Violation of any of the housing policies may result in disciplinary action.

Please be aware that at least one Resident Assistant is on duty every night of the week. Duty signs are posted next to all RA rooms. If any problem arises, please contact the staff member on duty in your area of campus or the Office of Campus Safety at (804) 752-4710.

Policies governing Residential Facilities and Residence Life and Housing can be found in Fishtales - Code of Student Conduct.