Resources for On Campus Living

The Office of Residence Life encourages our students to seek out information to become more engaged participants in our community.

This page provides our students (and their families) with some general information on resources regarding various topics that are important to living in a residential facility.

Education is more than a means to an end and includes more than formal instruction in the classroom. Informal educational opportunities, including companionship with others and an involvement of democratic living, are essential aspects of the total college experience.

At Randolph-Macon College, we consider the residence halls to be an important setting for this informal education. These student facilities are places for teaching responsible citizenship and for developing personal and social values. The staff is committed to assisting students in fulfilling their diverse social needs and to devoting particular attention to the needs of minority students. In the process of student development, responsibility and accountability are promoted.

The staff strives to ensure their obligations to students and the College are met and that accepting priorities are honored by prudent use of resources and sound administrative decision making. Included as part of the decision making is the commitment to seek input from student leaders and to provide students with viable, uncomplicated guidelines, procedures, and policies for the operation of residential facilities.