Frequently Asked Questions - Residence Life

Do I Get To Pick Where I Live?

Returning students participate in housing selection processes during the spring semester of each year and do get to select where they will live for the coming academic year. Returning students can apply to live in R-MC's living and learning environments or participate in the General Room Selection. Returning students can find more information on Buzznet or through their R-MC emails from the Office of Residence Life. 

New students are housed in the order that they pay their deposit to R-MC. The earlier you commit yourself to R-MC, the higher your name is on the assignment list. Incoming students do not get to choose their residence hall, but they can pick a roommate. If an incoming student does not have a preferred roommate, they will be assigned a roommate who has similar interests based off their housing preference forms.

What If I Know Someone And Want That Person To Be My Roommate?

We welcome this. All incoming freshmen students have an opportunity to request to live with someone they choose. There is a space on the new student housing preference form where you can list your preferred roommate. There are two criteria for this kind of request: 1.) the preferred roommate must be an admitted student who has paid their deposit, and 2.) the preferred roommate must list you on their form as their preferred roommate. 

Transfer students do not need to fill out the housing preference form.  Instead they should email and let us know their housing preferences.  In addition, if a transfer student is interested in commuting, they should email our office. 

Where Do First Year Students Live? Transfer Students?

R-MC has a freshmen area where the freshmen class will live. These halls in the Freshman Village are a combination of coed and single sex halls.

We assign transfer students with other transfer students or upperclassmen in upper-class residence halls, space permitting. Transfer students should contact our office so that we can work with you on placements.  Please email and let us know your housing or commuting needs. 

Can I Live Off Campus?

Randolph-Macon College is a residential college and all students are required to live on campus. However, students may request permission to live off campus by submitting a written request to the Director of Residence of Life. The Director of Residence Life will review all applications and determine those to be approved according to the following guidelines:

  • Residing with their parents, guardians, or spouses within 35 miles of Ashland as verified by the parent or guardian

  • 23 years of age or older; part-time students with eight or fewer semester hours

  • Have received a special waiver granted by the Office of Disability Support & Services for those students who have special medical or personal considerations, which must be accommodated (documentation is required)

Due to capacity constraints, there will be times when the College will permit other students to move off campus. When this occurs, students will be selected based on class seniority and will be regulated by the Office of Residence Life. The authorization to live off campus will be granted for that particular academic year only. A Residence Requirement Waiver must be signed and approved in the The Office of Residence Life for every student living off campus. Waivers may be revoked at any time due to the unacceptable student behavior. If this Residence Requirement Waiver is not completed, the student will be billed for room and board as a resident student.

How Can I Request A Single Room Or Special Accommodations?

There are a few designated single occupancy rooms on campus.  Therefore, singles are given to students who have medical or disability needs and qualify for a single. Students with special accommodation needs must go to the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) to receive the appropriate forms. The Disability Services Advisory Board will review all current diagnostic documents, and decisions will be made on an individual basis. All documentation must be received by the DSS office by no later than April 1 during the Spring Semester. Registering with the office and going through the review process does not guarantee a single room. Requests received after the April 1 deadline will not be considered for the following academic year.

How Do I Get A Senior Townhouse Apartment or Live in Birdsong Apartment?

Students must qualify in three areas: seniority, scholarship, and citizenship. Once applications are turned in via The Buzz and information is verified, a selection committee chooses the top applicant groups and they are granted a traditional townhouse or apartment in Birdsong Hall.

How Do I Sign Up For A Room If I Am Participating In The Study Abroad Program?

Students who will participate in the Study Aboard program for the fall semester are not assigned a room and do not go through any lottery, room sign up, Special Interest House or Townhouse application process. Because R-MC is a residential college and we house almost the entire student body, we utilize all residential spaces.  Therefore, we are not able to hold rooms or spaces for those who will be abroad during the fall semester. Study abroad students should contact the Office of Residence Life with their housing needs when they return. Residence Life staff in the Office of Residence Life will be in contact with students while they are abroad to make sure they have their housing needs met upon their return. We will accommodate those returning to the best of our ability. 

What Do I Do If I Choose To Live In Fraternity or Sorority Housing?

Those students who choose to live in a fraternity or sorority house do not participate in any lottery or room sign up. Instead, their Chapter President will work with Jayme Watkins in the Office of Student Life to turn in a Fraternity or Sorority Life Housing Roster for the upcoming year. These rosters are generally due by April 1st. If you have any questions regarding Fraternity or Sorority housing options, you can ask your Chapter President or The Office of Student Life at

When Do I Have To Check Out At The End Of The Academic Year?

All students are required to move out of their rooms 24 hours after their final exam with the exception of seniors, who are allowed to remain on campus through commencement.

Do I Need To Check Out Of My Room At The End Of The Academic Year If I Am Attending Summer School?

Yes, all students who will be attending summer sessions are required to vacate the halls at the end of the spring semester. Students will be allowed to move back into the halls prior to the start of the summer session. You are not allowed to stay in the halls between the official hall closing and the summer session. The college does not store belongings between the end of school and the start of summer school.

Can I bring a Telephone?

Rooms are wired for room telephones. If you wish to have a phone in your room, you must bring your own telephone to campus. Roommates in each room have their own voicemail box. Due to how new they are, Andrews Hall and Birdsong Hall does not have room phone lines. 

Is There Cable?

Yes. Each hall is equipped with a basic cable service that includes approximately 70 channels. Be sure to check out R-MTV on Channel 16 for campus announcements. If you wish to have a television in your room, you must bring your own television and cable cord.

Can I Bring My Pet?

With the exception of fish, pets of any kind are NOT allowed in the residence halls. When pets are found, the student is in violation of the Code of Conduct and will be held accountable for fines and the removal of the pet from the campus. 

Is There a Map Of Campus?

View the campus map here.

Can I Bring My Car To Campus?

Although you do not need a car, students are allowed to have one on campus. If you decide to bring a car, you must register it with Campus Safety and pay for the parking decal. Please remember that parking on campus is limited. 

Is There A Place To Keep My Bicycle?

Yes. Bike racks are located throughout the campus. If you decide to bring your bicycle, be sure to have a lock and key. You must register it with Campus Safety. 

Where Do I Eat?

The dining service at R-MC is Chartwells.  The main dining facility is Estes Dining Hall, an all you can eat dining hall.  In addition, Birdsong Café and Greenberry's Coffee offer food and beverage options, and are located in Brock Commons.

Where Can I Wash Clothes?

There are five laundry facilities on campus. The washers and dryers in our main campus laundry facility (behind Estes Dining Hall) are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. In addition, small laundry rooms are available in Jones, Starr, Andrews and Garland Halls in the Freshman Village from 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM. There is no charge to use the laundry machines for R-MC residential students. Birdsong Hall has a washer and dryer in each individual apartment.

Where Can I Find College Policies For Review?

Fishtales is the student handbook for Randolph-Macon. It contains all the information that you will need as a student at R-MC. You should familiarize yourself with the policies that are in Fishtales, especially the Code of Student Conduct and the Code of Academic Integrity. The quiet hours and alcohol policies are also included in detail in Fishtales so be sure you read and understand it. Residence Hall policies can be found in Fishtales and online.

Is There An Escort Service On Campus?

There are several call boxes stationed strategically around campus that ring directly in the Campus Safety office.  All a student needs to do is push the button to speak with a dispatcher. When the dispatcher answers, the student may request a Campus Safety officer to come escort him/her to their residence hall. 

What Do I Do If I Want To Change My Room Or Roommate?

First, talk to your Resident Assistant (RA) to see if the RA can be of assistance. Also under our resources tab, you can read some of our information regarding roommates. If the situation is addressed and not remedied, the RA will contact a member of the Office of Residence Life staff to assist with the problem. There is a fee associated with room changes and is only possible if space is available. 

Who Has Access To The Residence Halls?

All exterior residence hall doors are locked 24 hours a day with a fob access system, which permits entrance after a student's fob is swiped to a proximity reader. Students are able to access all residence halls from 8:00 AM until midnight daily and can access their own residence hall 24/7. 

What Happens If I Forget My Fob Or Room Key?

You should go to Campus Safety and explain the problem you are experiencing. 

What Size Are The Beds In The Residence Halls?

Mattresses in our residence halls are extra-long twin beds (36”x80”). The Office of Residence Life has partnered with Residence Hall Linens to provide our students with a convenient, affordable way to purchase extra-long sheets and bedding items as well as other campus-living necessities. Proceeds from this program go to the Office of Residence Life and are used for programming in the residence halls. Please visit the RHL website.

What Shopping Is Available Around Campus?

For information regarding shopping within the town of Ashland, please consult the Ashland Main Street Association Website.