Registration for the fall 2018 & January 2019 semesters will begin Thursday, April 19 via MyMaconWeb (MMW).  The schedule will be available via MMW on Wednesday, April 11.  Each student must make an appointment with his or her academic advisor to receive ADVISOR CLEARANCE to select fall 2018 & January 2019 courses. Students will not be able to register for classes until this clearance is granted by his or her advisor.

Registration Dates for Fall 2018 & January 2019


SENIORS (75+ hours earned)

Registration opens Thursday, April 19

JUNIORS (48-74 hours earned)

Registration opens Monday, April 23

SOPHOMORES (21-47 hours earned)

Registration opens Wednesday, April 25

FRESHMEN (0-20 hours earned)

Registration opens Friday, April 27


Registration opens Tuesday, May 1


All registration windows begin at 7:30AM on the designated day as listed above.

Once a student's registration window is open, it remains open for adding fall semester courses through Monday, September 10, and for dropping fall semester courses through Friday, September 14.  Once a student's registration window is open, it remains open for adding and dropping J-term courses through Wednesday, January 9.

To ensure that each student has the opportunity to select 4 courses (of 3 or 4 hours each) for the fall, MMW will allow you to register for only 14 semester hours.  If a 4th course puts your schedule over 14 semester hours, you may email from your R-MC email address.  Include the course and section in your email. You may also bring an add slip (no signatures required) to the Registrar’s Office for processing.  Beginning on Thursday, July 19, you may register for additional courses.

Additionally, students may sign up for a total of up to five hours (1 course) for the January Term during the spring registration period for fall and January terms.  Students enrolling in a course with a co-requisite and students enrolling in January Term travel experiences may enroll in two courses (up to eight hours of coursework) during January; however, the second course must be added in person at the Registrar's Office.  Students who do not fall into these categories and who wish to take more than five hours of coursework during the January Term may enroll in additional January Term courses beginning Thursday, July 19.

Rising seniors expecting to graduate in February 2019 or June 2019 should register for the course "REGI 004".  This will not count as one of your four courses.  Registration in REGI 004 is your official notification to the Registrar's Office that you intend to graduate in 2018-2019.

If you plan on participating in a fall sport, please sign up for the appropriate PHED 111 course.

What will stop a student from registering?

  • The student has not been given clearance. Students should check with their advisor for this clearance.  The Registrar’s Office will neither override clearance nor grant clearance for advisors.
  • The student’s class window for registration may not be open.  Be sure to check the schedule for appropriate dates.  Windows are based on hours earned, not currently registered hours.
  • The requested course has a time conflict. 
  • The student does not meet the catalog stated prerequisites.
  • The course is full.
  • The student has an outstanding financial obligation to the Business Office.

Randolph-Macon College

Office of the Registrar

Revised - April 2018