Graduation applications are due in the Registrar's Office by November 15. If you intend to graduate at the June 2, 2018 commencement you must submit both a Degree Application showing all courses and a Graduation Information Sheet by this time.

I strongly encourage students completing their coursework after the fall or January term to submit the application for degree by November 1. Forms must be submitted in hard copy to the Registrar's Office; we will not accept them via email. Please work with your academic advisor to correctly complete the necessary forms. You will find the following attachments to help you:

  • Graduation Information Sheet - MUST be submitted by each potential graduate.
  • Degree Application - MUST be submitted by each potential graduate. Follow the guidelines below.
  • Sample Degree Application How to Calculate Major GPA

The following guidelines are offered to help you when filling out the Degree Application Form:

  • Please use the current version of the degree application.

  • If you have a departmental page for tracking the major, please be sure it fits onto the second page of the degree application. Including all coursework on a single page makes the information too small to read.

  • Forms must be filled out electronically. Handwritten forms are messy and difficult to read.

  • Please be sure to include your name and ID# at the top of the Degree Application.

  • Be sure to list ALL courses (including electives) on the application, indicating the grades and hours earned.

  • Refer to the AOKCAR Requirements by Department found on the Registrar's Office website for guidance on the curriculum requirements.

  • If a course is being used to fill multiple requirements only list the earned hours once. For any subsequent uses of that course use an "X" in the hours column. Do not use an "X" in the grade column; indicate the grade for the course at each listing.

  • Only include Repeated Courses once, but indicate both grades earned in the grade column.

  • Indicate a Transfer Course in the "Remarks" column with a "T" or "transfer credit." Record these courses on your application as the R-MC equivalent, not the original institution's course number.

  • For Current Courses or Future Courses, please indicate the term to be taken under the "Remarks" column. Please leave the grade area blank for any current or future course.

  • Please list all courses for a major and/or minor as a group. Do not mix major, minor, and elective courses in one list.

    If you are pursuing an emphasis or concentration within the major, please indicate the emphasis or concentration.

  • Secure the signature from the chair of all major and minor departments.

All students must meet the following requirements for graduation:

  • Minimum 110 semester hours

  • Minimum 34 courses of 3 or 4 hours each (cannot combine 1 hour courses)

  • Minimum 2.00 GPA on all R-MC work

  • Satisfy all general education requirements including FYE, AOK, CAR

  • Complete at least one major

  • Minimum 2.00 GPA on all majors and minors

I will review each application and will send one email to each student and academic advisor indicating one of the following:

  1. If you successfully complete the program as outlined on the degree application, you will be academically eligible for graduation;


  2. I will outline any problems that you must address on the degree application.

Please feel free to stop by the Registrar's Office if you have any questions. Best of luck as you finish your fall semester.