Technology on Campus

Password Self Service 

The college provides a password self service portal that provides access to manage and reset passwords on a 24x7 basis.  It is very important for new students to setup their password self service account and ensure safe and reliable storage of their responses to questions they will be asked when verifying their identity to reset their passwords. 

Software Provided

  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional

Randolph-Macon has a Microsoft Education Enrollment Subscription that includes an Office 365 Pro subscription for all students.  ITS will provide instructions and assistance to help students install the Office Professional suite directly from Office 365.  There is no need to purchase Office before arriving on campus.

  • Virus protection software

Antivirus protection is required for Windows computers and optional but recommended for Macs.

For students with a PC using Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 ITS recommends activating the built-in Microsoft antivirus called Windows Defender.  ITS can assist students with setting up Windows Defender, if necessary.

For students are using Windows 7 or earlier; ITS will install Systems Center Endpoint protection during move-in or when the student brings their computer to ITS.

For students using an Apple Mac computer ITS recommends installing a free version of Sophos or Avira for antivirus protection.

  • Windows 10 for Education operating system

Windows 10 for Education is provided to all Randolph-Macon Students at no charge.


Randolph-Macon provides wifi for all students in residential and academic areas.  There is no need to bring routers or wireless access points for students on-campus.  The use of unauthorized wireless access points degrades the performance of campus wifi and students may be fined for installing a wifi device that negatively impacts other students.  For optimum performance Randolph-Macon recommends using a device that supports 802.11 ac Dual Band connectivity.

Network Access

The college recommends bringing a Cat 6 Ethernet cord for students on-campus.  All rooms are currently equipped with one Ethernet port per resident.  The wired Ethernet connections are helpful for connecting computers and gaming devices for increased bandwidth and performance. 

Student Computing

R-MC has fourteen computing laboratories with 200 computers available for students in all disciplines. However, most students find it desirable to have a computer in their residence hall room or Fraternity or Sorority House. There is a network connection for each pillow - each student can directly connect to the campus data network and the world via wireless or ethernet port. If a student wishes to have their own computer on campus, we have several recommendations.

Recommended Minimum Configurations

The computer recommendations below should adequately meet a student's on-campus computing needs for four years (although with the ever-changing innovations in technology, there are no guarantees).

The age of computer systems impact heavily on the level of repairs required. ITS will not be able to provide service for student owned systems that do not meet the recommended specifications listed below:

Windows Computer
Apple Mac Computer
Intel Core i5 or greater Intel Core i5 or greater
8 GB RAM or more 8 GB RAM or more
256 GB SSD drive or larger 256 GB flash drive or larger
Laser printers recommended (printers are optional) Laser printers recommended (printers are optional)
Ethernet card (10/100/1000 mbps) and Cat 6 cable Ethernet card (10/100/1000 mbps) and Cat 6 cable
Wireless Network card supporting 802.11 ac Dual Band Wireless Network card supporting 802.11 ac Dual Band
Windows 10 OS X version 10.11 (or higher)
Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365
Antivirus required Antivirus optional
NOTE: Numerous Wireless access points available on campus

*Software is provided to all students by the College's Information and Technology Services (ITS) office under a Campus Agreement with Microsoft while the student is enrolled.  The license will cease upon separation or graduation.  

Questions: Call ITS at 804.752.8500.

Dell University/Randolph-Macon Student Pricing 

Randolph-Macon has higher education offering with discounts available for Dell Computers. We do not require that you purchase from Dell, this is only for your information. Click on the link below to go to the Dell Online Store for R-MC.  Dell Member Id for R-MC is: US14595362.

Academic pricing available through the Dell University program for your review.

Apple Computers

Apple computers are used by many faculty and students on-campus.  Apple computers are supported for network connections and the installation of the Office Professional software subscription.

The Apple for Education site provides access to Apple's education pricing.


For all systems, we recommend a quality laser printer.  The Library provides pay-for printing services that are very reasonably priced when compared to the cost of maintaining toner or ink jet cartridges.  The college provides 24x7 access to use the pay-for print services offered through the Library.  There is no requirement for a student to have a printer. ITS does not provide support for printing over the wireless network and provides no guarantee that your printer will function on the secure wireless. We recommend using a USB printer cable for direct access instead.

Recommended Warranty & Service Contract

R-MC provides offers depot hardware maintenance and repairs for most brands of student-owned computers with an active warranty.  R-MC has a partnership with Bell TechLogix to repair student computers.  It is strongly recommended that a student purchase the 3 yr. extended warranty for their system.

If a student has hardware problems but doesn't have a warranty on the computer, he or she will have the option of using the depot repair services available through ITS.  The depot repair services requires a minimum fee to perform a diagnosis and obtain a quote for the overall repair.  The diagnostic fee is not charged if the student chooses to have the depot repair the computer.