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R-MC Staff Receive Yellow Jacket Awards

Apr 02, 2018


Yellow Jacket award winner The 13th Randolph-Macon College Yellow Jacket Awards ceremony took place April 3, 2018 in the Pavilion in Birdsong Hall. Yellow Jacket Awards are given to staff who demonstrate distinction in one of four categories: Excellence in Service, Excellence as a Team Member, Excellence as a Manager, and Excellence Behind the Scenes. Each award recipient received a certificate and a cash award.

President Robert R. Lindgren welcomed staff to the ceremony.

"It is wonderful to see so many of you here today to celebrate your colleagues’ accomplishments and our wonderful institution," said Lindgren. "It might be spring break, but at the college, especially at this time of year, there is never a 'break' in the action. Spring is one of our busiest times of year on campus, so I know many of you are working harder than ever during this season. Randolph-Macon has an incredible future ahead, and that is in very great part due to the dedication and commitment of those in this room. I am so very proud of all of you and grateful for what you do every day, in your own way—big efforts and small efforts alike, just doing things that have a material and measurable difference and impact on our mission."

The Awards

The Excellence in Service award is given to an employee who provides excellent service to students, staff, faculty, parents, alumni, or visitors. Three staff members were presented this award.

Josh Quinn (The Edge)
Quinn is associate director of professional development and medical careers for The Edge program.

"In his five years at the college, Josh has become the 'go-to' person for our current students, prospective students, and indeed, alumni, who are interested in a medical career," said Lindgren.

With well over 100 students on a pre-health track, Quinn meets with dozens of students weekly, helping them develop their course schedules and find internships. He also organizes visits to medical schools and works with students as they prepare for the MCAT and other tests.

"Josh has been an excellent representative of the college in his work with our partner health professional programs, coordinating our articulation agreements with three medical schools, two nursing schools, and a physician assistant program," said Lindgren. "Josh has gone above and beyond to ensure that pre-medical students are able to reach their fullest potential. Recently, he organized an annual dinner for our prestigious Wornom scholars, so that the younger students can benefit from the mentorship of the older students. This level of dedication to student success is what makes Josh’s commitment to service so extraordinary."

Lachelle Lewis '12 (Advancement)
Lewis joined the advancement team as an administrative assistant shortly after graduating from Randolph-Macon.

"LaChelle has unofficially worn many hats, but officially she served as the events management coordinator and then the development coordinator for athletics, the position she currently holds," explained Lindgren. "LaChelle is passionate about Randolph-Macon and our community. Her knowledge of our alumni and supporters allow her to pay attention to the small details that make folks feel both welcomed and valued when they are back on campus. LaChelle has enthusiastically embraced her new role in athletic fund-raising, staffing the many athletic events with a smile and energetic focus."

Lewis serves as a sponsor for the national service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega; staff advisor for R-MC’s Relay for Life; staff advisor for the Ujima Choir; and as an investigator for the Student Conduct Board.

"LaChelle will graduate in May with her Masters of Nonprofit Studies from the School of Professional and Continuing Studies at the University of Richmond," said Lindgren. "LaChelle, we thank you for your constant professionalism and unwavering commitment to your alma mater."

Barbara Swords (Physical Plant)
Swords has worked as a housekeeper at Randolph-Macon for 10 years. During her years of service, her great work has been reflected across the campus, in many buildings—including the President's House.

"Her cheerful demeanor and dedication to her work were so appreciated by me and my family," said Lindgren. Swords now works in Ragland-Henry House, the home of the economics/business department, and in Garland Hall and Irby Hall.

"Barbara brings a joyful presence to each building she works in, impacting the daily lives of our faculty and students," said Lindgren. "She always treats Randolph-Macon parents with extra kindness and care, which is so appreciated by our parents who entrust their students to us. She is known to pitch in and perform above-and-beyond tasks to make sure our campus looks its best. Barbara, thank you for being such a terrific member of our housekeeping staff, and a friendly face for our entire Randolph-Macon community."

The Excellence as a Team Member award is given to an employee who exhibits outstanding teamwork and cooperation, both in his/her own department and with others.

Beth Hopkins (Education Department)
Hopkins joined the staff in 2015 as the education program specialist, working with faculty to support the critical administrative responsibilities that are unique to the Education Department.

"One of Beth's major responsibilities is directing fieldwork placements for students in our education classes," explained Lindgren. "Each semester, Beth assigns 60-90 student placements with our partnering school divisions. This aspect of her work is incredibly detail-oriented, and so important because of what it teaches our students, and Beth is both efficient and accurate, making her a valued member of the Education Department team."

Hopkins is also the department's data manager, gathering information on students, the education program, and partner schools in preparation for the program’s accreditation and licensure process. She has instituted new methods of assessment, which have aided in collecting valuable data for those detailed reports.

"She is both a leader and a team player, handling a wide variety of tasks that have a direct impact on our students and the education program with a can-do attitude and flexibility," said Lindgren.  "Beth, we are thankful for your service to the Education Department, and to our college. Your work in this important role does not go unnoticed by the faculty and students you serve."

The Excellence as a Manager award is given to a mid-level manager who provides excellence in personnel and department leadership to include employee development, innovative ideas, time management or use of college resources.

Kara Daniel (Health Services)
Daniel joined the staff in 2011 as director of health services.

"At a residential college such as ours, keeping our students healthy is a daily—even hourly—endeavor, and one that is so important," said Lindgren. "This is Kara's primary focus, and she does it so very well. Every month, our clinic serves 175 student-visitors, and Kara's leadership impacts the well-being of every single one. Kara manages her department with care, and what sets her apart is her ability to evaluate the health needs of the whole student."

Lindgren described Daniel as an "incredible resource to her student-patients" who encourages them to seek the wide variety of support services that R-MC offers for academic, residential and psychological health needs.

"She is a valued, trusted member of the college's Disability Services and Medical Advisory Board," said Lindgren. "She is often able to find the root issue of a concern and address it thoroughly in a way that satisfies our students, and everyone involved in their education and care. Kara, we thank you for your dedication to the health and well-being of our entire community."

The Excellence Behind the Scenes award is given to a staff member who provides excellent service behind the scenes, showing initiative and drive, and making Randolph-Macon a better place for work and study. Four staff members were presented this award.

Donna Armentrout (Housekeeping)
Armentrout has faithfully served the Randolph-Macon community for 12 years. Currently, she works in Crenshaw Gymnasium, Lambert Hall and the International House.

"In so many instances, and for many years, Donna has been known as a 'mom' to our student-athletes and International students," said Lindgren. "Her kindness, warmth and compassion are known and valued campus-wide. The way Donna makes our students feel at home is just so representative of the people who are on our staff, and what makes her such a valued member of our team."

Lindgren continued, "Donna is a hard worker who is thorough and detailed in her efforts to make the spaces she works in clean and inviting to residents and guests. She is known to look for new, creative ways to tackle projects more efficiently, which is such a help to our entire housekeeping staff. Donna, we thank you for your continued dedication to your important work."

Donna Flournoy (Admissions)
Flournoy joined the admissions administrative team in 2005, and in that time has become the "central hub" of the Admissions Department. Flournoy is responsible for the many administrative functions necessary to support R-MC's large admissions team, including student workers.

"Donna handles many of the countless mailings that go out of the admissions office, which is of vital importance during our admission cycle," said Lindgren. "She meticulously manages communications with the thousands of inquiring, accepted and deposited students and their families—an absolutely critical role. I am reminded of the adage: You only have one chance to make a first impression. With Donna, that first impression is always a good one. Her institutional knowledge of the college is invaluable to her co-workers, and she is especially welcoming to new team members as they assimilate into our fast-paced admissions environment. Donna is constantly considering new ways to encourage our admissions staff members with fun activities and fellowship. Donna, we thank you for your dedicated service to our admissions staff, and to our college, over the past 13 years."

Broaddus Hunt (ITS)
Hunt, the systems engineer for ITS' network and technology services, joined the staff in 2005. He recently took on increased responsibilities with the campus’ network operations and has done so enthusiastically and skillfully.

"Broaddus was instrumental in the setup and installation of the college's new ARUBA wireless and network access control systems," said Lindgren. "Safe and reliable internet is of critical importance to both our students and our employees, and we are grateful for Broaddus' dedication in this area." Hunt is also the department expert on Apple computers, which many students bring to campus and which require a unique skill set for troubleshooting.

Lindgren continued, "Broaddus is an instrumental leader on our Get Connected team, a team of students who are technologically trained by our ITS department to help incoming students set up their computers on campus." The Get Connected team is often recognized by parents, who are grateful for the helpful and friendly service. "It is a great example of customer service and collegiality, and Broaddus makes it work well, as he is known for his warm, cheerful demeanor and commitment to efficiency and attention to detail," said Lindgren. "Broaddus, we thank you for your unwavering commitment to this college."

Brenda Harview (Business Office)
Harview recently celebrated her 25th year with the college. As the assistant to the vice president of finance and administration, Harview plays an important behind-the-scenes role in many departments on campus.

"Brenda takes the time to thoroughly understand requests and issues from her co-workers," said Lindgren. "She is the consummate professional, with courtesy and customer service at the heart of everything she does. She is knowledgeable in navigating and negotiating contract language, a skill that has improved efficiency and resulted in cost-saving for the college in many instances. Brenda goes above and beyond to be an excellent financial steward of the college."

Harview also works as a liaison with several members of R-MC's Board of Trustees.

"Our Board members appreciate Brenda's resourcefulness and 'can-do' attitude," noted Lindgren. "Brenda is a self-starter and is reliable and conscientious, and her wealth of institutional knowledge has been invaluable. She is always looking for opportunities to learn through online technology trainings, and she is known to share articles with staff members that can help departments work more effectively. Her nominator said it best: 'If you want something done, give it to Brenda and you know it will get done, and done right.' Brenda, we thank you for your loyalty to Randolph-Macon and continue to be grateful for the exceptional work you do here each day."