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R-MC Names Director of Show Choir Program

Mar 27, 2018


Adam PulverRandolph-Macon College Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Grant Azdell is pleased to announce that Adam Pulver has been named director of the Show Choir program.
This new program will begin in fall 2018, with its first class of students starting in fall 2019.

Show Choir uses vocals, choreography, staging, costuming and production to synthesize an artistic experience.

"Adam has worked in collegiate settings for years and successfully started two other show choir programs," says Azdell.  "R-MC is very fortunate to have a new director with such vast experience. Adam’s high energy and attention to quality will mean a great deal in providing a program that is both exciting and compelling for our students."

Pulver most recently served as director of the show choir program at McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois.

"Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to create and develop a strong collegiate show choir program at the one and only Randolph-Macon College," says Pulver. "I am thrilled to bring this type of performing arts to R-MC and to provide students with countless opportunities to grow their vocal abilities and their showmanship and leadership skills."

Powerhouse Performances + Scholarship Opportunities
Students in the program will perform songs from all different genres, from gospel to Broadway. Collegiate show choir, a non-competitive program, takes the style and verve of the performing arts and combines them into powerhouse performances.

Participants will tour locally and nationally, performing at a professional level as they hone their artistic skills. They will also learn to be effective leaders and role models while they continue to pursue their passion for performance. In addition, show choir members will be eligible for special scholarships.

Adam Pulver
Pulver earned his B.S. and M.P.H. from Georgia Southern University.

He began his show choir journey as a member of his middle-school team and continued performing in high school. As a college student, he founded, developed and directed several show choir programs at Georgia Southern University. Following the completion of his master's degree, he was named director of McKendree University's inaugural show choir program, which he created and developed.

During his tenure at McKendree, Pulver created a strong foundation for a superb collegiate show choir that featured exemplary student leadership and dynamic performances. The community named McKendree's show choir "The Official Ambassadors of Goodwill for the City of Lebanon."

Working with show choirs across the nation, Pulver has spent his career spreading the passion of performance to all who love the stage. He has served as a judge at numerous show choir events and clinics and has assisted with the developmental side of show choir programs throughout the country. Pulver is excited to continue his show choir journey at Randolph-Macon College.

"I plan to create an astounding collegiate show choir for Randolph-Macon students seeking this unique experience," he says.

For more information about the Show Choir program, visit the R-MC Show Choir web page or contact Grant Azdell at