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Communication Center Director’s Book Nominated for Award

Jun 08, 2017


Seth ClaboughEnglish Professor Seth Clabough '98, director of the Randolph-Macon College Communication Center, is the author of All Things Await (Savant Books & Publications LLC, 2016), which was recently nominated in the fiction category for the 19th annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards. The Literary Awards celebrate Virginia authors, their publishers, and their literary contributions. Finalists for the awards will be announced in summer 2017.

"I'm thrilled to have All Things Await nominated for the award," says Clabough. "Virginia has a deep and talented writing community, and I am honored to be in the company of such an accomplished group, which includes a number of friends and former colleagues."

About All Things Await
The novel centers on Lightly, an impossibly good-looking star quarterback from an elite Virginia college, who drags along an unlikely sidekick—the immensely unpopular and overweight Santana Montana—to a remote Costa Rican fishing village in search of a unifying vision—a secret location where he might glimpse the parallel universes predicted by quantum physics. Informed by quantum theory and driven by the desire to outrun the dark grip of family trauma, Lightly sets out on an impromptu picaresque adventure that is at once absurd and poignant.

All Things Await"Although the events are entirely fictional," Clabough says, "the college in the early part of the novel is based loosely on R-MC's campus." He says that readers familiar with R-MC have enjoyed catching these references. The second half of the novel, which takes place on a remote peninsula in Costa Rica, was written on location over a three-month period. "Living in Santa Teresa while working on the book allowed me to develop an increasingly detailed picture of the place, and I think that authenticity shows in the novel," he says. "I didn't just write it. I lived it."

Seth Clabough
In addition to serving as director of the Communication Center and supervising writing tutors and speaking consultants in the Center, Clabough teaches writing courses at Randolph-Macon as a member of the English Department.

A prolific writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, Clabough's work has been nominated for other awards, such as storySouth's Million Writer Award, Best of the Net, the Luminaire Award for Best Prose, and the LBA Prize for Fiction. His writing can be found in places such as Barely South, Magma Poetry, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Blackbird, Litro Magazine, New Writing, Women's Studies, the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, and in numerous other journals and magazines.

Clabough, who majored in English and history at R-MC, earned his M.A. from University of South Carolina and his Ph.D. from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

R-MC's Communication Center
Located on the first floor of the McGraw-Page Library, the Communication Center is part of the Higgins Academic Center (HAC), which brings together multiple services in one place to enhance learning opportunities and academic support services for students. The HAC offers students access to tutoring, mentoring, speaking, writing, technology and disability support.