Room Use Policy

Below are both our general and specific room use policies.  Please visit the Instructional Design & Technology page for the technology availability in each room.  Non-R-MC patrons should consult our Public Use Policy.

General Library Room Use Policy
Spring 2016

Students, faculty and staff of the Randolph-Macon College community are encouraged to use the services and resources of the McGraw-Page Library. The first floor is a social space, with group tables, computers, media equipment and the 24/7 Abernathy Room. The second floor is oriented toward quiet, individual study and is furnished with carrels and enclosed group study spaces. We ask users to choose the floor and space that best suits their study habits, and to please be considerate of others near you. 

The Library adheres to the following additional rules in the interest of facilitating all patrons’ use of the Library’s resources:

Group Study Spaces:  Group study spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. As they are intended for collaborative work, groups of two or more will have preference; single users may be asked to move to an individual study space. Group study rooms are not to be used for regularly scheduled classes, meetings or other extra-curricular activities. 

Group Study Halls:  The Library does not permit student organizations or athletic teams to hold study halls in the library. As a result, Library staff do not host or monitor sign-up sheets at the Circulation Desk, keep student studying logs, record length of study time, or otherwise facilitate the use of the Library for mandatory study. 

Food and Drink:  Moderate levels of eating and drinking are permitted in most areas of the Library, however library patrons must carefully dispose of any trash. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the Computer Classroom or when handling materials from Special Collections.

Tripping Hazards, Etc.:  Patrons are asked to please use caution with laptop power cords and to avoid creating tripping hazards across the floor.  Using nearby staff offices for 'plugging in' is not allowed.

All applicable College policies also apply to individual and group activities held in the Library. Such policies include the College’s Code of Academic Integrity, Code of Student Conduct, and Computer Use Policy. These policies can be found in Fishtales.  Library patrons are specifically reminded that Article III of the Academic Integrity Code states that the following acts will be considered a violation: deliberately defacing, mutilating, or damaging library, classroom, or laboratory materials or equipment, or the removing, or attempting to remove, the same from general use without authorization (e.g. hiding or misfiling).

Any Library patron, or group of patrons, that is found to be in violation of these policies will be asked to immediately correct the problem. Repeated violation will result in referral to the appropriate College authority for adjudication. 

Specific Room Use Policies

Abernathy Room (Revised 2/12/14):  The Abernathy Room is a 24/7 study space for 40–50 students. When it does not interfere with student studying, the room may be reserved for receptions for up to 50 people. Arrangements must be made with Physical Plant for cleaning the room and trash removal after the event. The room is not suitable for plated meals or buffets. Informal student meetings may occur, but the room cannot be reserved for that purpose. Remember, access to this room is 24/7.

Access is through the fob-restricted courtyard door when the library is closed; the library-side doors will remain closed during events outside normal library hours of operation. The room is equipped with a TV monitor.

Faculty and staff should contact College Calendar to schedule events in the Abernathy Room.

Computer Classroom (Revised 2/12/14):  The computer classroom is intended primarily for instruction in the use of library materials. Food and drink are not allowed in the room.

A second function of the room is as an open computer lab. The room may be reserved by outside groups only in the context of an event held when school is not in session. Computer access requires a network login; please contact ITS ( or 804-752-8500) in advance. 

Faculty and staff should contact College Calendar to schedule events in the Computer Classroom.

Media Production Room (Revised 5/22/13):  The Media Production Room is primarily used by the Instructional Design & Technology staff for producing media materials for the College. The Production Room is available for use by students enrolled in the film production class for film editing purposes only, and by faculty and staff during the hours the Library is open. A key to the room may be checked out at the Circulation Desk. 

Oliver Classroom (Revised Spring 2016):  The Oliver Classroom seats 40 at 20 tables on casters. It is scheduled as a classroom by the Registrar and is suitable for large classes.

Faculty and staff should contact College Calendar to schedule events in the Oliver Classroom.

Owen Room (Revised 2/12/14):  The primary purpose of the Owen Room is to serve readers using the collections. The books in the glass cases are from the Methodist Collection and our collection of rare books (published before 1850). Researchers in Special Collections may at times use the room if the researcher study area is in use, with materials brought to them from the Special Collections stacks.

The secondary purpose of the Owen Room is to serve for meetings and presentations. The central table accommodates 18 chairs comfortably. Food and beverages may not be consumed in the room without the approval of the Library Director. Meetings scheduled past regular library hours must also receive approval from the Library Director.

Because of the preciousness of the room's contents, groups must lock the door behind them when finished. Failing to do so will lead to losing permission to use the room in the future.

Faculty and staff should contact College Calendar to schedule events in the Owen Special Collections Room.