Please use the form below to request items be placed on reserve.

  • Reserve requests need three days to process, please get requests in early.
  • Reserve items may not leave the library.
  • If what you would like to request is an item we own, please provide the call number information found in the catalog. If item is a book, please try and retrieve it from the stacks after this request is made.
  • If what you would like to reserve is a film, please check our streaming film service Kanopy first.
  • If what you would like to request is your personal copy, please come by the Circulation/Reserve Desk and speak to Judee Showalter.
Class Information

Please list your course's department and number. (like ENGL185, or SPAN241 or MATH220)

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For each item you would like to put on reserve, please provide:

  • Type of item [Book, Audio CD, Photocopy, DVD Film]
  • Title of item
  • If it is the library's item, the Call Number