The Reserves Desk serves to facilitate student access to supplemental course material, but not as an alternative to having students purchase texts required for a course.

Reserve Items Policy

Library materials which have been placed on reserve are located behind the Circulation Desk and are arranged by professors' last names. You can find out if an item is on reserve by going to the library catalog, MaconCat, and clicking on the Course Reserves link. You can look up items by Instructor's name, course number or course name. Books, films and articles are the most common type of reserve material. All reserves must be used within the library. Books, articles, and CDs are loaned to students for 2 hours; DVDs are loaned for their duration rounded up to the next whole hour. (A movie that is 2 hours and 30 minutes long will be checked out for 3 hours.)

The library follow copyright guidelines based on the U.S. Copyright Act. Instructors may request that materials be placed on Reserve for the period of one semester. No items can be placed on reserve for two consecutive semesters. 

In accordance with Federal Copyright Regulations, the Fair Use Act and ALA Guidelines, the following is a summary of our copyright policy for Reserve materials excerpted from other works. We cannot make exceptions to this policy; therefore, we ask that you choose your materials carefully. Any material violating this policy will be returned and not placed on reserve. 

All articles, essays or book chapters placed on reserve must be marked with their full bibliographic citation which must include:

  • Title of chapter/article and title of source.
  • Author information for chapter and source.
  • Copyright information.

The title of a reserve will appear in MaconCat (library catalog) exactly as it does on the article/chapter itself. Please specify if you would like it listed differently.

Items placed on reserve will be removed at the end of each semester. The library can store no items, electronic or otherwise.

Items the Library Can NOT Place on Reserve:

  • Any copied or scanned items which create, replace or substitute for a book, anthology or compilation.
  • Any item not owned by you or McGraw-Page Library (including books/movies from ILL and rented movies).
  • Any recorded television programs from for-profit entities without their permission.
  • Any text required for a course.
  • Any items which do not meet the criteria listed above.

There is no limit to the number of items that may be placed on reserve.  Please allow at least 72 hours for electronic reserves. 

For more information on the library's policies on reserves, please contact Judee Showalter at or at (804)752-7388.