As we embark on a journey to enhance our athletic environment, we invite you to join us in elevating our basketball facilities to match the dedication and success of our student-athletes. With your support, we aim to create an even more exceptional space for our teams, coaches, and devoted fans.

A Tradition of Athletic Excellence

Built in 1964, Crenshaw Gym is home to the highly successful men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball programs at RMC. While our teams have been very successful in this venue, an outstanding athletics program demands outstanding facilities.

Upon completion of Duke Hall the football and baseball teams will vacate their locker rooms on the first floor of Crenshaw Gym, opening space for newly renovated and expanded locker rooms for our basketball and volleyball teams to include personalized lockers for each student-athlete and lounges in which to review game film.

As a Division III College, Randolph-Macon offers an intense and competitive basketball environment for student-athletes who play for the love of the game, without the lure of top athletic scholarships in an integrated environment focusing on academic success. Randolph-Macon places special emphasis on the student-athlete and not merely the athlete. 

It is time to provide our student-athletes an athletic environment that mirrors their success on and off the court. With your support we can elevate RMC’s basketball facilities and proudly enhance the environment for our student-athletes, coaches, and fans.

Men’s Basketball Locker Room

Ariel map of men's basketball locker room

The men’s basketball team will move into the locker room that was shared by the football and baseball teams. This space will be renovated to have a video screening room, a lounge area with televisions, new spacious lockers, upgraded showers, and a laundry facility. Plans also include a hallway that proudly tells the celebrated history of the men’s basketball program through the years. 

Women’s Basketball Locker Room

Ariel map of women's locker room

The women’s basketball locker room will be enlarged to include a video screening room with premium recliners for each player, new spacious lockers, and an upgraded shower and laundry area. Careful consideration will be given to additional branding in the locker room and elsewhere in Crenshaw to strengthen the building’s inviting atmosphere and Yellow Jacket pride on campus.