240 – Freshman Studio – An introduction to the discipline of the studio artist. The work ethic, fundamental issues of an artist’s continuous educative process, and essential studio skills will be addressed and manifested. Sampling from the history of art, the student will study the studio skills of the past artists and their relevance to the artists of today. Not open to students who have taken STAR 241. Freshmen only. Three hours.

241 – Drawing Principles – A one-semester studio course aimed at introducing the student to the fundamental concept of drawing through the use of basic drawing media (pencil, charcoal, pen, and ink). Particular emphasis is placed on the development of each student’s visual perception. Three hours.

243 – Painting – A studio course which will emphasize basic painting principles with technical concentration in an oil medium and will encourage the discussion of the aesthetics of visual art. Prerequisite: STAR 240 or 241 or permission of instructor. Three hours.

244 – Painting – A continuation of STAR 243. Pre- requisite: STAR 243 or permission of instructor. Three hours.

245 – Watercolor Painting – The course will teach the student to develop techniques of watercolor painting. The course will broaden the student’s already developed skills in drawing. Prerequisite: STAR 240 or 241. Offered alternate years. Three hours.

246 – Printmaking – An introductory studio course in the fundamentals of printmaking. Through demonstration and experimentation, the student learns various printmaking processes: relief (woodcut, linocut, collograph), intaglio (etching, engraving, aquatint), and monotype. Special emphasis is placed on the student’s own creative application of these techniques. The course will include an overview of the history of printmaking, with particular attention to the contemporary uses of the media. Three hours.

247 – Plein Air Painting – A course dedicated to the discipline of open-air painting and direct observation of the landscape by the painter. Prerequisite: STAR 243 or permission of instructor. Three hours.

250 – Artistic Problems: A Search for Solutions – A studio course which examines the creative processes involved in solving conceptual problems often confronted by the artist. Not recommended to freshmen. Three hours.

251-252 – The Human Figure – A study of the human form based primarily on drawing from the living model and an investigation of historical examples of figurative art. Course work will include lectures and museum projects in addition to studio exercise. Three hours each.

255 – 3-D Concepts – This course is designed to provide students with insight into and understanding of the basic processes of creating, observing, and interacting with elements of three-dimensional space and design. Emphasis will be placed on relating these concepts to issues of community, culture, and nature. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Three hours.

256 – 2-D Concepts – This course is designed to provide students with insight and understanding to the basic processes of creating, observing, and interacting with elements of two-dimensional space and design. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Three hours.

257 – Introduction to Sculpture – Introduction to Sculpture will provide students an opportunity to work with additive and subtractive approaches to creating three-dimensional objects. Students will work with a variety of materials common to sculptural processes. The course provides an introduction to basic studio procedures and creative problem solving. Reading, writing, and speaking are included as a research component for each assignment. Three hours.

342 – Project and Design Management – This course applies concepts and best practices of project management to product and process design. Drawing from Studio Art, Women’s Studies traditional production management principles and industrial design, students will apply contextual research methods to the construction of models while adapting to specifications, budgets, and quality constraints for projects. A studio format facilitates a semester-long project, enabling students to apply theory to the creation of 2-D and 3-D models, culminating in a piece to add to their individual portfolio. Prerequisite: instructor permission. Cross-listed with BUSN 342. Three hours.

381-382 – Special Topics in Studio Art – Advanced study of both traditional and contemporary topics in art. Taught by departmental staff to meet the needs of advanced students with special interests in the arts. Three hours each.

422 – Advanced Topics in Studio Art – A student majoring in art may choose to exhibit in public original works of art of suitable substance and number. The senior project may take other appropriate forms under the guidance of the studio adviser. Three hours.