Studio Arts

"Studio art is the discipline of making and creating works that have a visual and conceptual validity. The powers of observation and contemplation are vigorously trained and bonded to the forces of the intellect and the creative act." -R. Berry

The Studio Arts program at Randolph-Macon College is built on the disciplines of observation and investigation and how these concepts can be creatively manifested through drawing, painting, and other conceptual approaches. We believe that all art begins with the artist as an observer of the reality of the world: from this vantage point, the artist can begin to express himself honestly and develop an individual point-of-view. The sensibilities of the student-artist are revealed and honed through disciplined progress through these visual investigations and eventually allow the individual to follow a legitimate and personal path of expression. To this end, the studio arts faculty is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of inquiry and experience, discipline and focus that will give the student a legitimate opportunity to express their true nature.

For further information regarding our major or minor in Studio Arts, please contact the current department chair, Jib Doering, via email at or by phone at 804.752.7298.