A minor in physics consists of Physics 151-152 and at least 12 semester hours selected from physics courses numbered 200 and above. In all courses counted toward a physics major or minor, students must earn grades of C- or better.

A minor in astrophysics consists of 8 semester hours in physics, the nine hour astronomy core (Astronomy 231, 232 and 235), and one semester hour of Observational Astronomy Laboratory (Astronomy 321). Required physics courses are Physics 151-152. The mathematics prerequisite for the minor is Math 202 or 210. A grade of C- or better is required in all courses counting towards the astrophysics minor.

Astronomy 101 and its associated laboratory may be substituted for Astronomy 321 with the permission of the chair of the physics department.

The Physics Department is developing minor programs in Pre-Engineering and Mechanics of Materials.