International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to develop students' understanding of how the cultural, political, economic, and social systems function and interrelate.

Asian palaceBy emphasizing an increased understanding of diverse cultures, persons, and ideas, the program aims to cultivate the skills that will provide students with a sound foundation for graduate studies and professional careers in teaching, politics, international business, and public service.

The Eiffel Tower in ParisThe International Studies Major consists of five core courses and seven courses within one of two concentrations. The concentrations include Culture & Society and International Relations. The International Relations concentration allows an emphasis in Political Science or Economics/Business. The Culture & Society concentration allows emphasis in area studies. Some courses in this program may be counted as part of the collegiate requirements.

Mountainside townA minor in international studies is also offered. This minor is organized under the assumption that there is a core to the study of international studies that transcends work in a particular geographic area. Thus, this minor emphasizes core courses with in theory and methodology, rather than geographic area courses. As such, a minor in international studies does not have a concentration in a specific geographic area.

Goals of the Program

  • A majestic mountainTo cultivate a depth of understanding of a culture through studying aspects of that culture such as its language, literature, art, history, politics and economics
  • To enable students to define and analyze culture and to understand the values of various cultures and the relationship of those cultures to one another
  • To promote an understanding of world economic relationships
  • To promote an understanding of the international politics