Professors Hilliard and Teixidor; Visiting Assistant Professor Labadie; Instructor Shotwell. (Department of Modern Languages)

In its full range of courses, the French section of the Modern Languages Department offers a program that balances language, civilization, and literature. In language, we seek to develop student proficiency in the four areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Courses at all levels are designed to provide continued opportunities to use the language in a variety of modes and settings, on campus and abroad. In addition, the French faculty believes that a multifaceted study of another culture sensitizes students to realities other than their own, encourages them to become more understanding of cultural differences at the same time as they are developing an appreciation for the literature and language which evolves from another culture.

The department offers a number of study abroad opportunities. Individual faculty members accompany groups of students to France during the January term to teach such courses as French Culture and Society, Paris Old and New, French Cinema, and Paris in Literature among others. Through its affiliation with ISEP, the college has exchange programs with several universities in France and in the Francophone world. The college also offers an exchange program with the University of Nice that is fully funded by a scholarship.

The program for a major in French consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours and 10 courses of at least 3 semester hours numbered 216 or above, planned in consultation with an adviser in the department. FREN 240 must be completed as soon as possible since this course is a prerequisite for upper-level literature courses. To major in French, students must have departmental permission. All majors must take any tests related to departmental assessment activities. French majors are required to have a study abroad experience, in a country where French is the native language, preferably for an entire semester.

The requirements for a Major in French consist of a minimum of 30 semester hours in French, including:

  • FREN 232 and 240
  • Two three-credit courses at the 200 level among the following courses: FREN 216, 221, 261, 270, 273, 275, or 284;
  • Three three-credit courses at the 300 level among the following courses: FREN 316, 332, 340, 344, 351, 352, 356, 360, 366, 368, 372, 376, 378, or 381;
  • One advanced 400-level course of at least three credit hours that will count as the Capstone.
  • Two additional three-credit electives above FREN 215. A maximum of two FLET/FREN courses may be applied to the major.
  • FREN 400 (French Cultural Portfolio) for 0 credits.
The requirements for a Minor in French:
  • FREN 232 and 240;
  • Two three-credit courses at the 200 level among the following courses: FREN 216, 221, 261, 270, 273, or 275;
  • Three three-credit courses at the 300 level among the following courses: FREN 332, 340, 344, 351, 356, 360, 366, 368, 372, 376 or 378.

Modifications of these groupings may occur if students elect to complete a portion of their study in courses taken abroad. The department will accept a maximum of one half the major and one half of the minor courses in transfer from other institutions.

To receive an education endorsement in French, students must successfully complete all courses required for the French major including FREN 221 and 349. Students must spend a semester abroad or complete a comparable program, as determined in consultation with the department. In addition, several grants are dedicated to French majors and minors to help them offset their travel costs when studying abroad.