Film Studies

The Film Studies program at Randolph-Macon College is an interdisciplinary program that recognizes film as a unique art form and an integral part of the humanities curriculum. Focusing on film theory, history, criticism, and visual literacy, our courses reflect on a wide range of cinematic works, film styles, genres, and movements and examine the shifting role of film as a means both for entertainment and social change. The participation of faculty members from Art, American Studies, Asian Studies, Communication Studies, English, French, German, History, Sociology, Music, Theater Studies and Women’s Studies in this interdisciplinary minor allow for an exploration of specific topics and issues regarding American film as well as world cinemas and cross-cultural representation in film.

Our open-air film festivals and the visit of international and award-winning film directors on our campus offer another unique view of the creative process in film-making. Students have the opportunity to work with a professional in the field, to learn the basics of film-making, and to connect with individuals in and beyond the American film industry. Film minors are encouraged to discuss their selection of courses with their advisor or the director of the Film Studies program early in their academic careers.