A statue of the Lady of JusticeThroughout history, notions of the good have been a central concern for individuals and societies. Although both philosophy and religion have traditionally been the disciplines which study ethics, ethical questions arise in the whole of human life, and every academic area is to some extent concerned with such questions. Fourteen departments or programs of the college presently offer courses approved in this minor. These courses pursue an understanding and critical examination of ethical notions, arguments, practices, decisions, and decision-making as they investigate various subject matters .

The aim of the ethics minor is consonant with the purpose of the college: "to develop the mind and character of the students" and to prepare them "to meet life's challenges with . . . ethical awareness." It does this by offering courses in different disciplines which cultivate students' understanding and judgment about often complex issues of right and wrong.

The minor consists of five courses: two foundation courses and three electives. Students must take one foundation course in Philosophy (PHIL 212) and one in Religious Studies (RELS 235 or 237). Students are encouraged to take one or both foundation courses before taking electives in the minor. If a student takes both RELS 235 and 237, one will count as a foundation course and the other as an elective. No more than three courses from a single department may count toward the minor. The foundation courses also count toward the AOK Civilizations: Philosophy/Religious Studies requirement.