First Year

Fall: J-Term:  Spring: 
CSCI 111
  CSCI 112

Other freshman courses related to major: MATH 131-132* or MATH 141-142, and PHYS 111-112**

Second Year

Fall: J-Term: Spring:
CSCI 211
CSCI 212
MATH 220

Third Year

Fall: J-Term: Spring:
CSCI 395

Fourth Year

  • CSCI 401 with a designated elective course
  • OR with permission of the department CSCI 483 or CSCI 485
  • Elective course
  • Courses will be available both Fall and Spring semesters


* Computer Science majors often take several advanced mathematics courses.

** Students interested in computer hardware are encouraged to take PHYS 210 as one of their natural lab electives. Although PHYS 210 has no prerequisites, students with hardware interests are urged to fulfill part of the collegiate requirement for laboratory sciences with PHYS 111, and, add PHYS 112 for an even stronger preparation.