What is Communication Studies?

Communication Studies as a discipline uses a variety of methods explores human communication considers a variety of contexts in which it occurs, such as co-worker relationships, cross-cultural interactions, or political campaigns.

Communication Studies also instills in students strong communication skills, including but not limited to

  • maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships
  • conducting productive groupwork
  • giving effective presentations
  • orchestrating public campaigns
  • writing clearly and concisely
  • understanding different cultural perspectives
  • managing conflict constructively
  • providing effective leadership

Why Study Communication Studies?

Communication Studies is a strong liberal arts major that opens the door to a wide array of careers. Majors pursue careers in areas such as public relations, marketing, human resources, corporate training, and event management. They also pursue careers in many aspects of media, such as journalism, publication, and broadcasting. The program is also designed to prepare you for graduate work in communication and can help you prepare for other graduate programs, such as law school, public administration, or student services. Combine it with another major and our program provides you with marketable communication skills for just about any career!

How Does the Communication Studies Program at R-MC Work?

The major consists of five components:

  1. an introduction to the discipline; 
  2. a coursework in communication skills;
  3. introductory theory and research courses; 
  4. an advanced coursework in three major areas of the discipline (rhetorical, mass communication or media, and interpersonal); and
  5. a capstone course. 

The program is designed to be flexible and we provide you with lots of options! As a major, you can focus more on rhetoric, interpersonal communication, or media based on your interests and career goals - although you do need to take some courses in each area. You can give the major a more applied dimension through your course selections and/or by pursuing an internship in lieu of an advanced communication course. Begin work in the major with the communication skills core as you decide on your interests within the discipline.

Consider combining communication studies with another major of your interest. By adding a Communication Studies Major to a more traditional one, you can create an academic profile highly attractive to prospective employers. Cognate courses can easily be found in political science, psychology, business/economics, and sociology/anthropology. Or you can add a Communication Studies minor!