wyatt 2014 classicsStudents majoring in Classics are eligible to apply for admission to the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome during either the fall or spring terms. The department periodically offers courses in Greece, Italy, and Roman Britain during the college's four-week January term. Classics students also have the opportunity to participate in archaeological excavation in many European, West Asian, and North African countries during the summer.

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The Centro

The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies is located on the Janiculum hill in Rome, Italy. Students join a group of about thirty others from all over the country and American professors chosen each year. The semester-long program includes the Ancient City I & II courses, full of fieldtrips and on-site lectures. Week-long fieldtrips are normally taken to Sicily and Campania. Other courses include a choice of Latin (intermediate or advanced), Greek (intermediate or advanced), Italian (intro.), and Renaissance art. Duke University is the U.S. administer of the program. See Duke's Centro Home page for more detailed information.

January Term Classes

January term classes have included Roman Britain, Greek Art and Archaeology  and a unique learning community trip to Athens. Mrs. Gilmore took a group of students to England for an interdisciplinary survey of the Roman occupation of the British Isles, including frequent visits to museums and Roman and Celtic sites. Professor Camp introduced students to Greek art through actual on-site visits, everything from the Athenian Acropolis to Gla. The learning community featured interrelated courses on Ancient Athletics (Professors John Camp and Elizabeth Fisher), Greek Mythology (Professor Dan McCaffrey) and Women in Antiquity (Professors Elizabeth Fisher and Roxane Gilmore)

January term 2014 travel classes:

  • ARTH 214- Bronze and Iron Age Europe, Professors Elizabeth Fisher and John Camp -- Travel to Sicily!