January 2018 Courses

The Classics Department offers a wide variety of courses through which learners can explore the Greco-Roman world. Courses are divided into three groupings: Classics in English (CLAS), Classics in Latin (LATN), and Classics in Greek (GREK). To see the course descriptions of current offerings, scroll down.

Classics in English (CLAS)

CLAS/WMST 227 — Ancient Sexualities

MTWRF 11:00–1:00 — Natoli

Systems of sexuality and gender in ancient Greece and Rome were very different from our own. The aim of this course is to explore the cultural construction of sexuality and gender in ancient Greece and Rome, approaching them through their depictions in the archaeological and literary record. We will consider questions such as the status of women and the context of misogyny, the multiple manners in which masculinity was constructed, the societal role of same-sex relations, the presentation and visualization of sexuality, desire, and the body. This interdisciplinary approach will allow us to gain an understanding of what Greek and Roman systems of sexuality and gender were, how they changed over time, and how they can be used to offer insights into the shaping of our own cultural and personal attitudes towards sexuality and gender. 3 hrs. Counts towards the Social Science AOK, WMST major or minor, and CLAS major or minor.

Classics in Greek (GREK)

GREK 344 —Greek Historiography

MTWRF 9:00–11:00 —Daugherty

Selections from Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, or Polybius. Prerequisite: GREK 212 or 215. Offered every other year. Three hours.